Expert tips on elevating your fashion confidence

fashion confidence

With summer approaching, and the hashtag #dopaminedressing gaining 200 million views on TikTok alone, many are thinking about revamping their wardrobe. Brighter and lighter statement pieces are now in, so it’s time to discard those bulkier winter items.

With this in mind, the fashion experts at AN-Y1 sought to provide their top tips on boosting your fashion confidence, to give you that luxurious, self-assured flair to your outfit.

1. Dress for the impression you want to convey

Our outfit choices are usually based upon our agenda for the day. Whether your plans entail a casual trip out with friends, a special occasion, or something more formal such as an interview, create your outfit based on the impression that you want to portray.

If attending a meal out with family or friends, you will most likely want to opt for a friendly, relaxed, happy attitude, so adding shades such as light blue can convey warmth, friendliness, and loyalty, as well as giving a luxurious feel to your outfit.

2. Select colours that boost your mood and evoke happiness

The concept of colour psychology commonly associates colours with moods, so when dressing for confidence it is key to pay attention to how colours make you feel and dress in the colours that make you feel comfortable and confident. 

Reds can evoke emotions of power whereas orange signifies energy so can prompt excitement, however, if you prefer wearing more neutral colours, look to switch these out for greys, blacks or whites. These colours can evoke similar emotions of power, knowledge, and authority.

If your wardrobe is quite limited in colour, or the prospect of matching every outfit is stress-inducing, try accessorising with some small, mood-boosting colour additions instead.

For example, pairing a black or white outfit with an orange or green jacket or bag can work to add that pop of colour for connotations of confidence, peace, and added flair.

3. Create a clothing capsule of confidence

Many people own a few trusty items of clothing that they will look to time and time again, as  staple items that work for a variety of occasions. Don’t be afraid to stick with what makes you feel confident and comfortable. 

Whether it’s a statement little black dress, a versatile jumpsuit, or a favourite jacket, these items can be dressed up or down, and accessorised accordingly for any occasion. Wearing clothes we love and feel comfortable in is the key in fashion confidence.

4. Be kind to yourself and put the effort in that you deserve!

Ultimately, no matter which occasion you are dressing for, or which colours and pieces you opt for, being kind to yourself and putting effort into your look goes a long way in growing fashion confidence. Choose pieces that boost your self-esteem, fit your mood, and are comfortable. Take the time to appreciate your outfit choice, no matter how you may be feeling that day, and allow yourself to put the time and effort into your look that you deserve.

“Anu Hinduja, Creative Director of AN-Y1 provides expert commentary on dopamine dressing and elevating your fashion confidence:

“When you’re looking to boost your fashion confidence and elevate your outfit, this doesn’t need to become a chore searching for new pieces in bold shades. Sometimes, it is as simple as selecting your favourite pieces and styles, and adding colour through accessories.

“Fashion confidence is sometimes easier to achieve with versatile, timeless pieces. For example, a jumpsuit that you can dress up or down, or a jacket you wear time and time again. Adding in colourful accessories, I find is always effective in exhibiting moods of confidence, energy, and sophistication.

“Whatever your agenda for the day, no matter the occasion, these tips can help you to find the pieces that work for you, whilst incorporating colour where you see fit, to generate a luxurious, confident look and boost your mood.”

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