6 not-so-subtle ways to drop hints about your ideal engagement ring

engagement ring

If you have a sneaky suspicion that your partner could be proposing to you soon, it’s normal to start getting excited about what your engagement ring will look like. 

Whilst many of us will be looking forward to the surprise, it’s also common to feel a bit nervous, wondering if you’ll truly love the ring your partner has chosen for you.

To avoid putting too much pressure on your partner, but ensuring you won’t be disappointed, engagement and wedding ring experts at Queensmith have pulled together 6 tips for subtly hinting to your partner what style of engagement ring you would like.

  1. Casually show your partner 

As you’re doing your daily scroll through Instagram or TikTok, if you happen to come across a picture or video showcasing the style and design of an engagement ring you like, consider casually showing it to your partner. 

This relaxed approach helps avoid any sense of pressure while also increasing the likelihood of receiving a ring you’ll adore.

  1. Tell your closest friend (this can be a mutual friend as well)

Chances are your partner will want to have some guidance about the type of ring you would like and one of the first places he’s likely to go is your best friend.

Make sure your friend knows exactly what you like and get them to bring up the topic of engagement plans and rings. Avoid making it sound staged and weave it seamlessly into the conversation. 

The best case scenario is your partner brings your friend to the ring shop to help choose your perfect engagement ring! 

  1. Show them your jewellery 

If you and your partner have been together a while, they probably know if you’re a silver, rose gold or gold type of person. However, just to be on the safe side, the next time you’re going out for dinner or somewhere nice, casually bring up which metal you’re thinking of wearing and drop some hints on your style preferences. 

When you go out shopping together, it may also be beneficial to look at your everyday kind of rings so your partner can overhear what ring size you are, along with the type of design you like.

  1. Point out what you don’t like 

One of the best ways of ensuring your partner picks out a ring you’re going to like is by hinting at what you don’t like. 

If you’ve seen a friend’s recent engagement ring, share what you admire and what you prefer to avoid about their ring. The same approach applies when you come across engagement ring photos while scrolling on your phone.

Given the number of celebrity engagements and their social media posts, you can subtly show your partner a picture of a ring style you admire, using the excuse of discussing influencers and celebrities. This approach allows you to convey your preferences without directly asking for a specific ring.

  1. Go shopping together 

If you desire a surprise proposal but also want to ensure you receive a ring you’ll adore, consider going ring shopping together.

Visit a jewellery store and try on several rings that match your preferred style. Narrow down your favourites to three or four options. This way, your partner can still choose the final ring, maintaining the element of surprise, yet with the confidence that you will absolutely love whichever one they select.

Traditionally, couples used to buy engagement rings apart, however nowadays, more couples favour shopping for the rings together. We’re seeing more collaborative rings, with more couples designing their engagement ring together, rather than the proposer picking out the ring as the ultimate surprise.

  1. Just show them the ring! 

If you’re not a fan of beating around the bush and know what you like, it’s simple… just tell your partner! 

There’s no need to put pressure on your partner, all you need to do is say ‘if we were going to get engaged one day, this is the type of ring I would like’. This way, your partner has confidence that you’re not going to be disappointed, but it also gives the freedom for them to surprise you and use their own initiative.

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