Vacation or Workcation? Survey Shows 1 in 4 Brits Choose to Bring Laptops on Holiday

Laptops on Holiday

A new study has found that Brits find it increasingly hard to ‘switch off’ from the outside world when on holiday abroad, with 1 in 4 (26%) holiday makers admitting that they pack their laptop during breaks away.

As part of the Travelling with Gadgets Report, the team at UK travel insurance company Staysure surveyed 2000+ UK residents who travel abroad, to discover attitudes towards travelling with gadgets and if covering their tech is something they factor into holiday preparations. 

The findings confirmed that for Brits, travelling with tech items is a priority, with almost 60% admitting that they’d find it hard to go on holiday without any gadgets at all and completely ‘switch off’. 

Laptops on Holiday

For 88% this meant packing their mobile phone – which is perhaps unsurprising given that we carry boarding passes, e-wallets and more on our smartphones. 

For others, ‘unplugging’ and relaxing without any distractions such as work, simply wasn’t an option, with over a quarter (26%) admitting that they pack their laptops with them while travelling – a figure that could be explained by the popular ‘workcation’ trend that continues to dominate social media platforms like TikTok.

But it’s not just our mobile phones and laptops UK holidaymakers can’t live without abroad, the survey also revealed a further 10% pack a games console while on vacation, while almost one in three (28%) pack an tablet.

Kelly Johnstone, Travel Insurance Expert, adds: 

“It’s not surprising that the research shows that our tech plays such a big part in our holidays. We all use technology in one way or another in our everyday lives so why should holidays be any different?”

“As the findings of the study suggest, the average amount of money spent on gadgets and electronic devices often runs into the high hundreds. Sometimes it runs into the thousands, which could lead to a huge dent in bank accounts should they be lost or stolen. While paying for the right cover is an extra cost initially, it could save you significant amounts of money further down the road.” 

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