Top Tips for Easter Travel with Kids

travelling with kids

Whether you’re hitting the road or jetting off to see family over Easter, parents know all too well the stress that comes with travelling with young children. From tantrums to boredom, the hustle and bustle of Easter travel can cause a lot of unwanted stress and anxiety for families.  

Travelling with a baby or toddler can be overwhelming, but preparation and planning are key. That’s why the team of experts at Your Baby Club has shared their ultimate guide to travelling with young children, so that it’s a pleasant and stress-free time for all the family. 

1. Pack the essentials 

When travelling with young children, especially by plane, it’s important to only pack the things that you will need for the journey. It’s easy to overpack when stressed, so ahead of time create a checklist that contains all the essential items, like diapers, wipes, milk, and food. 

Overpacking and poor planning will cause more disruption on your journey, security checks may take longer, your shoulders and back will ache from the heavy luggage, plus your bulky bag may cost you unnecessary fees when you arrive at the airport.  Having a stroller will help you get around the airport with your little one, and you’ll need a car seat once you reach your destination, so don’t forget to bring those along. Most airlines will allow you to check a stroller and a car seat at the gate for free, making your travels that much easier.

2. Dress for the occasion 

The temperature on a plane or in a car can go from one extreme to another, one minute it can be too hot after rushing around beforehand and the next it’s freezing cold due to the air conditioning. You can prepare for these drastic changes in temperature by dressing yourself and your child in layers. Wear layers that are comfortable and can be easily removed, depending on the temperature. 

3. Pack plenty of entertainment 

For long journeys, make sure you pack plenty of activities to keep your child entertained. You’ll need to pack toys that are easily accessible, require little to no space, and are interactive. Colouring and sticker books are great options for young children to pass the time. 

For babies, sensory toys are great, like wrist rattles and fiddle toys. If your baby is teething don’t forget to bring teething toys and a comfort object. Load your smartphone or tablet with your little one’s favourite shows, educational games, and more as a distraction. 

4. Prepare for air pressure 

When the air pressure changes on a plane, pressure is placed on the eustachian tubes, causing pain and discomfort in the ears. This is a normal part of flying, but for young babies, this can be extremely stressful. You can relieve and prevent any pain by offering your child a bottle, breast, or pacifier to suck on during takeoff and descent. 

5. Book a direct flight 

Depending on the duration of your journey, it may be easier to book a direct flight to your desired destination. Non-direct flights can cause unwanted stress for parents with young children, as they can cause more disruption to the day. When booking flights for the Easter break, especially with young children, it’s important to consider the destination with a shorter journey time if possible. 

6. Pack food and snacks 

Before setting off on a long road trip, make sure you pack plenty of snacks and drinks, as stopping off at gas stations along the way can be costly – plus bringing along all their favourite treats is a great distraction and a sure way to prevent any tantrums. 

When travelling by plane bring snacks, as they may not be equipped with food your little one enjoys and the last thing you want is a hungry and restless baby on a long flight. 

7. Book an extra seat

If your child is under the age of two, you are not required to book them their own seat. However, we do recommend purchasing a seat for your child, for their protection during take-off, landing, and through turbulence. Plus, extra room is always essential when travelling with young children on a plane, so they have room to stretch and play. 

8. Bring a change of clothes 

Packing light when travelling is never easy, but one essential thing to pack when travelling by plane, car, or boat, is a change of clothes. From spilt juice to a leaky nappy, your little one may find themselves in many sticky situations when travelling, so it’s important to ensure you have a spare change of clothes just in case. 

If you’re travelling a long distance, it’s worth packing a pair of comfortable pyjamas, to make nap time even more enjoyable. 

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