Top Sex Positions for Maximum Calorie Burn

Top Sex Positions for Maximum Calorie Burn

The Butter Churner is the top sex position for burning calories. On average, couples can burn a combined 196 calories through this sex-exercise in just 15 minutes. This position is more effective for the male partner, who can burn more calories by churning the butter.

The Standing position takes the second place on the list by burning 171.5 calories in total. Like the Butter Churner, this position is also more calorie-burning for males. 

The Kneeling Wheelbarrow is the third on the list of the most calorie-burning sex positions. This sex-ercise requires upper body strength; on average, couples can burn 156.5 calories while working out their arms.

The Lotus position ranks fourth on the list, allowing couples to burn 143.5 calories together while sex-ercisng. This is Americans’ second most sought-after position, generating 4.5 million searches.

The Doggy Style comes fifth, on average burning only one calorie less than the Lotus position. The penetrating partner can burn almost twice as many calories as the receiving one.

The Legs Up ranks sixth on the list of sex positions that burn the most calories. On average, couples can burn a combined 121.5 calories while engaging in this position. Surprisingly, it has garnered the largest audience among Americans, 12.9 million people.

The Squat is the seventh on the list, enabling partners to burn 119 calories during their sex-ercise. This position burns the most calories for females, surpassing the rest of the listed positions.

The Eagle ranks eighth on the list of sex positions that burn the most calories, on average burning a total of 107.5 calories. This is the third most popular position among Americans, surpassed only by the Lotus and the Legs Up.

The Sixty-Nine is the ninth on the list. This position allows couples to burn 94.5 calories together. 69 is the second position on the list where females burn more calories than men.

The Cowgirl position closes the list of the most calorie-burning sex positions, burning on average 93.5 calories in total. Like the Sixty-Nine and the Squat, females burn at least double as many calories as their male partners. 

Sex PositionsFor Him, 15 minFor Her, 15 minCouple Sex-erciseSearches
The Butter Churner106901961100000
The Kneeling Wheelbarrow8472.5156.51300000
Doggy Style9151.5142.52000000
Legs Up63.558121.512900000
The Squat2594119620000
The Eagle7334.5107.53200000
Reverse Cowgirl2468.592.5593000

Commenting on the study, Luka Matutinović, CMO from, says: “Exploring new positions can benefit the sexual experience for both partners. However, it’s important to consider each individual’s physical abilities and comfort level. For example, the Butter Churner, known for its high-calorie burn, demands flexibility and strength from both individuals involved. Communication is key to making sure that both partners are comfortable and physically capable of engaging in those types of sexual activities.”

Methodology: The research was conducted by to identify the most calorie-burning sex positions. Calories were calculated by analyzing the average adult male and female body weights. The duration of the sexual activity was set at 15 minutes, and the PTPioneer fitness experts helped to examine the difficulty and breathing intensity of each position. Additionally, Google Keyword Planner was used to analyze Americans’ level of interest in each listed position.

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