Top 15 things that boost Brits’ moods revealed

It’s clear when it comes to spreading smiles it really is the little things in life that have the greatest mood-boosting effect. In fact, new research from belVita has revealed that nearly half (46%) of Brits find the little things fill them with positivity, over more lavish and elaborate experiences. 

Feeling the sun on their face (55%), being smiled at by a stranger (41%), the start of spring (44%), watching funny animal videos (39%) and even hugging their childhood teddy (14%) are things that put a smile on Brits’ faces. 

things to boost your mood

If there’s one thing certain to give Brits a feel-good feeling, it’s receiving a free hot drink – with seven in ten saying it would boost their mood (69%). To harness this positivity, belVita launched its Smile Café in partnership with the charity FareShare, as part of its Give a Smile, Help Fight Food Poverty initiative. Londoners were encouraged to ‘donate’ their smiles in return for a hot drink and for every smile donated, belVita gave a meal to those in need – the partnership will see Belvita donate the equivalent of 125,000 meals. 

Furthermore, as spring approaches, Brits’ moods are guaranteed to lift – as the research shows longer, brighter and warmer days really do give a boost. People feel more positive (68%), energised (63%) and optimistic (57%) in the springtime, compared to the darker winter months. 

Aside from revealing what makes Brits feel positive, the newly released data also highlights how positivity spreads through society. One in three agree they are better decision makers when feeling positive (31%) – rising to 40% for Millennials. More than half are more productive when they’re feeling upbeat and over a quarter will give more of their time to others if they’re in a good mood (27%). One in four (26%) will encourage those around them to be more positive when they’re in a good mood themselves in order to create a ripple effect in their local environments.

Following on from belVita’s partnership with FareShare last year which saw the equivalent of 100,000 meals delivered to those experiencing food insecurity, belVita is continuing its collaboration with FareShare and Big Zuu to launch its Smile Café on the streets of London, continuing the focus on harnessing the power of positivity in the fight against food poverty. 

It seems generations experience positivity differently. Those over 55s seek positivity by going for a walk (54%) and spending time with friends and family (43%) while at the other end of the spectrum, Gen Zs & Millennials prioritise selfcare (45%) and ordering themselves a takeaway (33%) as mood-boosting remedies. 

TV Chef and Rapper, Big Zuu comments “I’m buzzing to be back out with belVita for the Smile Café. Not only did we get people smiling, laughing and spreading positivity in return for a free drink, but we also donated meals to those in need and showed how something as simple as a smile can genuinely make a proper difference.” 

Big Zuu partners with belVita to launch its Smile Café as part of its FareShare partnership, which will see the biscuit brand donate up to 125,000 meals. Credit: belVita/Ollie Dixon

Nancy Moore, Brand Manager at belVita adds “We’re thrilled to be driving awareness around our partnership with FareShare and showing just how much difference a smile and  a positive outlook can make – with the ultimate goal of helping those in need. Last year we donated 100,000 meals to FareShare, and are happy to be continuing our partnership in 2024 helping us in our mission to fight food poverty and spread positivity.” 

Polly Bianchi, director of fundraising at FareShare says “We are delighted that the partnership with belVita is continuing and so grateful to Big Zuu for his enthusiastic support launching the Smile Café.  The donation of so many meals to our network of 8,500 charities nationwide will make a huge difference to enabling groups to provide vital wraparound services. The power of positivity shines through the work of these amazing charities and community groups, where friendly smiles and acts of kindness, alongside the provision of nourishing food, go a long way to supporting individuals and communities in need.”

For those who want to get involved, you can search belVita Give A Smile to donate your smile and give a meal to FareShare. 

Top 15 mood-boosting things for Brits

  1. Feeling the sun on your face (55%)
  2. Hug from a family member (51%)
  3. Receiving a text from a friend / loved one (47%)
  4. Hearing your favourite song come on the radio (46%)
  5. The start of spring (44%)
  6. Being smiled at by a stranger (41%)
  7. Enjoying your favourite snack (40%)
  8. Seeing flowers bloom (40%)
  9. Watching funny animal videos (39%)
  10. Being met by your pet as you walk through the door (36%)
  11. Seeing a good news headline (34%)
  12. Smell of someone baking (34%)
  13. Overhearing a snippet of a funny conversation from a passerby (33%)
  14. Someone making a tea or coffee for you, the way you like it (30%)

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