These are the best plants for purifying air in your kitchen, according to experts

best plants for purifying air

Houseplants have become trendier than ever before, with #housepants gaining over 3.2 billion views on TikTok1.

Not only are they an inexpensive way to freshen up any part of a house, but the right plant can help purify the air, improve your mood, and increase your productivity, according to experts.

The kitchen can be one of the hardest rooms to see plants thrive due to its regular changes in temperature from cooking, boiling the kettle and in some cases, using the washing machine.

Wren Kitchens has teamed up with plant expert at Fantastic Gardeners, Radek Babicek3, to share the best plants you need for the kitchen.

English Ivy (Hedera Helix)

The English ivy is a drooping plant with long stems and plenty of bright green leaves. This lush, green plant is perfect for hanging over the sink or a window, according to Radek. He says, “English ivy is easy to grow indoors and can add a beautiful splash of colour to any kitchen. This plant is one of the best ones to help reduce indoor air pollutants like formaldehyde benzene, which is a byproduct of tobacco smoke, burning gas and open fires, as well as mould and bacteria.”

However, he advises to keep this plant out of reach from pets, as it is toxic for them.

Cast Iron Plant (Aspidistra Elatior)

The cast iron plant has tall, structed leaves, and is perfect for placing on the floor to create a statement feature. This is a very low maintenance plant with bright green leaves, making it perfect for busy homeowners.

Radek adds, “The cast iron plant can endure more than an average houseplant, for example, it can withstand extremely low light, temperature fluctuations, and infrequent watering.”

As the kitchen’s climate can frequently change, going from humid due to the simmering stovetop to hot from the hours of the oven being turned on, Radek says the cast iron plant will uphold these changes.

Aluminum Plant (Pilea Cadierei)

The aluminium plant can create visual interest within the kitchen thanks to its interesting leaf patter. Radek says this plant will look great in an industrial style kitchen, thanks to its green and metallic leaves. However, he warns to keep this plant away from hot and cold draughts, so ensure the placement is away from doors and windows.

“Despite this, it’s still an easy plant to care for and its main appeal in the kitchen is its colouring. It’s also a good hanging plant, which will save you valuable counter space.”, he adds.

Spider Plant (Chlorophytum Comosum)

With its widespread, long leaves, this plant makes for the perfect kitchen island centrepiece or add interest by placing it high on open shelving. The spider plant is great for air purifying, according to Radek, “it helps to remove bad odours, fumes, and pollutants from the kitchen environment.”

He also points out its low maintenance qualities, adding that it is easy to care for, and it is able to thrive under a variety of conditions.

Snake Plant (Dracaena Trifasciata)

Similar in structure to the cast iron plant, the snake plant has a rigid structure, with tall leaves, making it a great floor plant. The snake plant is the ultimate kitchen plant for a busybody, as Radek claims, “they do their best when you neglect them, and they don’t need much watering or a lot of light.”

So, if you’re someone who has a busy kitchen or busy lifestyle, the snake plant will be perfect for your home.

Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis Mille)

Known for its thick, rigid leaves, aloe vera is almost impossible to kill, according to Radek, and he even says it will help with kitchen related injuries due to its medicinal antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

“If you burn yourself, cut off a lower leaf near the stalk and rub the gel right on the burn. You’ll feel almost instant relief.”, he says.

Darren Watts, Showroom Design Director at Wren Kitchens, adds, “From a design perspective, incorporating plants into the kitchen – especially throughout the Spring and Summer seasons, when florals and ‘indoor outdoor’ trends are popular – really adds to the kitchen landscape, helping to add interest, colour, texture, and dimension. If the plants have air purifying and odour eliminating properties too, this is another bonus, adding to the social ambience within the home.”

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