The UK’s top 20 spots for beauty and wellness revealed

best place in UK for beauty treatments

We all know how it feels to come out of a beauty salon looking worse than when you entered, to help you avoid this, a new study from Currys analysed the beauty and wellness offering  in the UK to uncover the locations, with Salford and Edinburgh taking the lead.

 From dodgy haircuts and botched bleach jobs to wonky nail extensions, many of us have tales of beauty mishaps experienced while searching for the ideal salon.

While the process of finding a beauty salon often hinges on factors such as price, service quality, reviews, ratings and word of mouth, it is also heavily influenced by what you have available to you. 

recent study by Currys uncovered the UK’s beauty hotspot destinations, analysing the offering of hair, nail and massage locations listed on Treatwell compared to the population of those areas. It also uncovered the average rating of the service to crown the best places to live if you are a beauty buff. 

The data revealed that in joint first place was Salford and Edinburgh. Both ranked highly when it came to their hair and nail offering, with Edinburgh coming out as top overall for its quality and quantity of hair locations in the city, with an average rating of 4.92 for its hair salons. Both cities also scored well for massage with Salford ranking 3rd for massage businesses and Edinburgh not far behind in 4th, with an average review rating for massage services of 4.93 and 4.95 respectively. 

Close behind in third place was Stockport, which came first place for nails and joint first place for massage, along with Oldham. This city was only let down by the quality of hair establishments, ranking 7th overall for this beauty service. 

Top 20 UK locations for beauty and wellness

Overall Beauty and wellness rank Location Hair rank Nail rank Massage rank 
Manchester 10 
Luton 13 
Birmingham 10 11 
Liverpool 15 12 
10 Warrington 16 
11 Leeds 11 14 
11 Newcastle-Upon-Tyne 22 
13 London 12 11 10 
14 Bristol 18 

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