The UK was named the top Easter destination

top Easter destination

Easter is coming soon – in some countries it is largely celebrated as a secular national holiday, with time off work and plenty of chocolate, while in others it is deeply religious. There are all sorts of wonderful traditions associated with Easter which vary around the world. But where are the top destinations to enjoy a special Easter this year?

A new report has discovered the countries with the most popular Easter celebrations this spring. has compared the number of Easter-related hashtags used on Instagram to find the 20 top trending countries. 

top Easter destination

The top 5 most popular countries were as follows: 

  1. United Kingdom, 3,655 posts

The UK ranked in first place with a huge 3,655 posts! A large part of Easter celebrations in the UK is the school holidays – in the first two weeks of April, there will be plenty of free drop-in activities taking place around the country for families to attend with their children. Hot cross buns are a traditional British Easter food, which date all the way back to the 12th century. 

  1. Greece, 2,927 posts 

Easter is a very important holiday in Greece. In the Orthodox church, it falls several weeks later than in Western Christianity, and this year it will be celebrated on Sunday 5 May, with a Mass the night before finishing at midnight, often accompanied by fireworks. Traditional Easter food in Greece includes slow-cooked lamb, and sweet Tsoureki bread. 

  1. Australia, 2,793 posts

In third place, Australia ranked with almost as many posts as Greece. An interesting fact about Easter in Australia is that as part of a conservation effort to protect the country’s wildlife, you will often find references to the Easter Bilby rather than the Easter Bunny. This adorable little long-eared marsupial is said to bring the children Easter eggs, and you can find chocolate bilbies in plenty of shops in the run up to the holiday. 

  1. Canada, 1,394 posts

In Canada, Christians will attend church services this Easter, but lots of people regardless of their faith will no doubt be taking part in the country’s secular traditions. Every year in Toronto, thousands flock to the Beaches Easter Parade, to see colourful floats, stilt walkers, and marching bands make their way through the city. With over 100,000 attendees, last year was the biggest ever. 

  1. Ireland, 662 posts

Rounding off our top 5, it’s Ireland, with 662 posts on Instagram. Easter Sunday is traditionally the day for a feast as it marks the end of Lent, with some of the classic dishes including Easter ham or lamb. Did you know, according to many, the phrase “That takes the cake!” refers to the Irish tradition of a pruthog or dancing competition historically taking place on the evening of Good Friday? The winner would be awarded a cake. also compared the results from this year’s data to last year’s results, and found that all of the top 5 trending Easter destinations were the same as those in 2023. However, there was some movement, with Kenya, the United States, Poland, Italy and Jordan all moving up the ranks with a higher number of posts this year. 

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