The Fat Duck introduces the Topsy Turvy Tasting menu  

Fat Duck Topsy Turvy Tasting menu  

For the first time ever The Fat Duck is offering diners a limited chance to enjoy a tasting menu in reverse, starting with dessert

From the 7th of May to the 30th of June, alongside the classic  menu, guests can choose to start the meal with dessert and graduate to more savoury flavours, before finishing with a refreshing nitro-poached appetite-whetter.  

The Topsy Turvy Tasting menu is the brainchild of Heston Blumenthal OBE, founder of three-Michelin star The Fat Duck, who has long challenged conventional eating habits with pioneering dishes including the famous Egg & Bacon Ice Cream, Snail Porridge and White Chocolate & Caviar. 

For the curious and the adventurous, the new Topsy Turvy Tasting menu provides a novel and potentially rewarding way to enjoy The Fat Duck’s unique dining experience.  

Heston Blumenthal OBE, who alongside The Fat Duck is also the creator  of the Michelin-starred Hind’s Head, the two-Michelin-star Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and the Perfectionists’ Café, said: “I found the Topsy Turvy Tasting menu gratifyingly gut-friendly and satisfyingly gastronomic. It triggered some of the tastebuds at their most receptive. Eating in reverse might seem a bit wacky – more Duck Fat than Fat Duck, and not so much Willy Wonka as Winky Woolly – but it was a lot of fun and it took my imagination on a fantastic journey of culinary curiosity. For me, anything that nourishes the imagination has got to be good.” 

Heston added: “And, in fact, the world is more topsy-turvy than we think. A lot of eating habits that we consider fixed are nothing of the sort. Forks didn’t appear on English tables until the 1600s. Until the 18th century, sweet dishes were often a feature of each course. Plenty of people sneak in a bowl of cereal before bed. It’s good to shake things up and take a second look at our perceptions and preconceptions. Who knows what you might discover?”  

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