Soothe Muscle Aches with ESPA Fitness Collection

espa fitness collection

ESPA’s Fitness Range is essential for easing tired legs and achy joints, while helping you to relax into an aromatherapy delight to soothe your mind. Eucalyptus, warming clove bud and calming lavender invigorate your senses while reviving your body.  

Whether you are feeling fatigued post-workout or struggling with the side effects of menopause, ESPA’s fitness range can help you navigate your body’s rebalance.  

ESPA Fitness Bath & Body Oil RRP £36.00 

A deeply nourishing bath and body oil that helps revive hard-working bodies. A multi-use saviour to comfort and fortify. Immerse yourself in the invigorating aromatic blend of refreshing Eucalyptus, warming Clove Bud, and soothing Lavender. These essential oils create an ideal setting to recharge and restore body and mind. 

ESPA Fitness Shower Oil RRP £34.00 

A nourishing creamy shower oil to cleanse the body and revitalise the mind. Discover our luxurious oil to cream formula that indulges the skin and the senses. Your post-fitness saviour. The restorative aroma of Eucalyptus and Clove Bud oils is perfect for a post-work out reviver, while deeply nourishing Coconut Oil leaves skin feeling soft and supple. 

ESPA Fitness Bath Salts RRP £33.00 

Reward your body after a strenuous work out — recharge with these invigorating aromatic salts in your warm bath. These natural crystals feature the finest blend of Deep Sea Magnesium and Dead Sea Salt. As you sink into the warm water, discover remineralising Seaweed and skin-smoothing Oatmeal. Immerse in caring Arnica and Comfrey, and stimulating aromatherapy featuring Eucalyptus, Clove Bud, and Lavender. 

ESPA Muscle Rescue Balm RRP £30.00  

An invigorating balm, ideal for hard working and tired muscles. Refreshing Peppermint and Eucalyptus and warming Clove Bud help create an atmosphere of recharging restoration for the body and mind. Cradle tired, weary bodies with this herbal, cooling balm. The perfect soother for 

ESPA Isotonic Cooling Body Hydrator RRP £43.00 

This lightweight hydrator is a jelly consistency that absorbs instantly — to help relieve dry, thirsty skin. This summertime saviour boasts a powerful cocktail of Hydration Heroes that leave the skin feeling quenched with maximum moisture, cooling bliss, and a healthy glow. 

This soothing jelly formula is nutrient-rich yet non-greasy – so your skin feels fresh, revived, and revitalised. 

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