Seriously Delicious: Whipped Feta from YAMAS!

Whipped Feta

Mediterranean dairy specialists Futura Foods unveil the launch of their new YAMAS! Whipped Feta made from 100% authentic Greek ingredients.

This new award-winning SKU, which picked up Silver for “Feta or Feta Type with Additives” trophy at the International Cheese and Dairy Awards 2024, boasts the highest feta ratio on the market having been crafted with 45% Protected Designation Origin (PDO) YAMAS! Feta and 55% authentic YAMAS! Greek Yogurt.

As such, it is currently being merchandised alongside other continental cheeses, as opposed to dips and spreads like similar products on the market.

YAMAS! Whipped Feta is created by crumbling PDO YAMAS! Feta (45%) and whipping it with YAMAS! Authentic Greek Yogurt (55%). The result is a multi-sensory, creamy texture and deliciously versatile ingredient, perfect for a range of meal occasions. Packaged in a convenient re-sealable 150g tub, YAMAS! Whipped Feta is ready to be dipped, dolloped and stirred to elevate crudités, salads, pasta dishes and pizza bases or just to simply spread on toasted bagels for an indulgent lunch.

With both trade and consumers increasingly concerned about the provenance of ingredients, YAMAS! Whipped Feta guarantees an authentic Greek flavour profile by utilising traditional artisan processes and sourcing ingredients directly from selected dairy partners in Greece. With the highest percentage of feta on the market, the new product also ties into consumer demands for restaurant quality finishes at home, without the hefty price (rsp: £2.50 / 150g), while satisfying the need for healthier products that are a source of protein, low in salt and contain live cultures that support a healthy gut.

Rhian Kinman, Senior Marketing Manager at Futura Foods, commented, “As Mediterranean diary specialists, Futura Foods are perfectly positioned to spot emerging trends from across Europe, and have seen just how versatile whipped feta can be. It’s already trending on TikTok with people creating their own from scratch, so by introducing an authentic ready-made version, that doesn’t compromise on quality or flavour and can be grabbed straight from the fridge, we’re encouraging more people to incorporate this delicious new format into their diet.

As a brand, we want to inspire the UK to try and share the best of the Mediterranean, so by introducing the convenient YAMAS! Whipped Feta and educating consumers on just how versatile it can be, we hope to see it become a staple ingredient for UK households.”

YAMAS! Whipped Feta will be available in selected Tesco stores from 3rd July 2024 with a recommended retail price of £2.50 for a 150g tub. Additionally, a 2kg food service pack will be available later this year.

For more information about YAMAS! Whipped Feta and Futura Foods other award-winning Mediterranean products, visit the website.

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