Santai Spa by Mandara Unveils Tranquility at The H Dubai: A Balinese Oasis for Serenity 

The incredible spa at The H Dubai has undergone a complete rebranding, becoming Santai Spa by Mandara with its relaunch scheduled for May 8th, deepening the connection with the rich cultural heritage of Bali and reflecting the relaxation, bliss, and serenity that awaits guests 

The H Dubai proudly unveils Santai Spa by Mandara, its renowned spa haven, which boasts a profound connection to the Balinese way of life with its name paying homage to the authentic treatments on offer. Prepare to experience authentic Balinese culture without leaving Dubai as the spa unveils a range of signature rituals, which will form part of a complete rejuvenation journey from welcome to farewell  Following the rebranding, set to be unveiled on May 8th in its new form, guests can expect an incredible experience that encapsulates the serene beauty of Bali on every visit.  

The name “Santai” originates from the Indonesian language, translating to “relaxation” and “recuperation” in English. This pursuit of complete tranquility serves as the cornerstone of Santai Spa by Mandara’s ethos, offering patrons an authentic Balinese escape amidst the vibrant pulse of Dubai.  

At Santai Spa, the devotion to holistic spa experiences takes you on a sensory voyage that engages every facet of your being. In an era dominated by modern shortcuts, the spa is committed to traditional wellness, providing the time your body, mind, and soul truly deserve. Each spa encounter becomes a symphony for the senses, where every touch, scent, sound, taste, and sight contributes to an unparalleled rejuvenation, exuding the embodiment of this island paradise.  

Embarking on this journey, guests can indulge in authentic massage treatments encompassing a meticulous blend of acupressure, palm pressure, and soothing strokes, carefully designed to refresh your mind and body. Each experience begins with a ritualistic foot bath, setting the tone for the retreat, and concludes with a choice of traditional teas or nourishing homemade drinks, along with a hand-made tridhatu given as a parting gift, adding the perfect finishing touch to your holistic escape. Signature treatments such as Balinese massage, Mandara Massage – a unique blend of five different massage styles performed by two therapists, and premium ELEMIS facials are a must-try. 

Within Santai Spa by Mandara lies a team of highly skilled Balinese therapists, meticulously trained and certified at their prestigious flagship location in Bali. Drawing from over 14 years of experience, these dedicated therapists bring the wisdom of ancient Balinese techniques to every therapy session, ensuring a realm of blissful rejuvenation awaits you.  

At the heart of the spa’s treatments lie bespoke blends of essential oils and body scrubs, expertly crafted in-house. Experience the true soul of Bali through four exquisite body scrubs, such as Coffee and Clay, Coconut and Turmeric and Javanese Lulur, each tailored to address specific needs like exfoliation, sunburns, and skin renewal. Custom essential oil blends, such as the special Mandara blend for dry and sensitive skin, Island spice oil to soothe sore muscles, and Tranquillity massage oil to melt away stress, further elevate your spa journey. 

“Santai Spa by Mandara represents a harmonious blend of cultural heritage and contemporary luxury,” said Sophie Blondel, the General Manager of The H Dubai. “This new branding and invigorated philosophy underscores our dedication to providing an oasis where guests can unwind, rejuvenate, and experience the essence of Bali without leaving Dubai.” 

“Santai” signifies much more than relaxation—it embodies a philosophy and ancient tradition deeply rooted in the Balinese culture. Immerse yourself in the serenity of Santai Spa by Mandara and embark on a transformative journey inspired by the Balinese ethos of “Santai.” For further details on services and reservations, visit the website.  

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