The best French exports are croissants, baguettes and cheese while Monet and Coco Chanel also ranked highly, according to new research.

A poll of 2,000 adults found the nation’s culture, cuisine and fashion were among the things Brits admire most, with three quarters (76%) saying they’d love to experience a taste of French living.

But the UK’s growing appetite for French culture extends beyond delicious food (30%), café terraces (28%) and communal dinning (25%), it’s about embracing the ‘joie de vivre’ that French living epitomises.

In response to the findings, Boursin®, the nation’s favourite indulgent cheese brand*, has partnered with Great British Bake-Off star and French chef, Manon Lagrève to bring a taste of France to Britain this summer.

Boursin’s® summer activity includes an immersive five course dining experience set in an idyllic lavender field – encapsulating the beauty of rural Provence. Along with the Eiffel Tower and Palace of Versailles, the lavender fields of Provence were voted one of top three French destinations that Brits would most like to visit.

Commenting on the research Manon Lagrève says: “There are so many wonderful things to appreciate about France but shared moments over food and the conviviality of dining is where the true essence of French culture comes alive. This is what Boursin® symbolizes to me, it’s one of my favourite French ingredients and something I’ve grown up with. The recipes I’ve created have been inspired by my French upbringing and recent road trip around the different regions of France.”

Boursin and GBBO star, Manon Lagreve, are bringing a taste of France to a lavender field in rural Kent, bringing French living to Brits.

Contrary to any rivalry between our nations the study found that 63% of Brits believe the French to be more stylish and have a more sophisticated palate when it comes to food (53%).

The French also excelled when it came to language, with 26% saying the sound of someone speaking French is more romantic than the English accent, ranking second only to Italian.

In fact, the average British adult predicts they use French words like ‘oui’ and ‘bonjour’ three times a week in conversation, with 58% wishing they could speak it fluently.

While 71% of Brits admire the French lifestyle, the majority think they could do more to emulate French culture by embracing things like a better work life balance (42%) and longer lunches (18%).

Nearly eight in 10 (77%) consider French cuisine a treat, even more so when eating out, as 51% hold French hosting skills in high regard.


The data also found that having a rich history and culture, our love of football, and a passion for good food were the top things that united our two great nations.

A spokesperson for Boursin® said: “We’re taking inspiration from France and fusing it with the best of British this summer, not only working with Manon but purveyors of modern French cuisine, Côte Brasserie. Anyone unable to attend the pop-up can still experience The Boursin® Harissa Tomatoes dish at a local Côte Brasserie where it will form part of their exciting new Summer Specials throughout July and August.

“France’s charm lies in its ability to blend tradition and modernity, offering a rich cultural heritage, and natural beauty. We want to celebrate the French way of life, the joy of sharing, the beauty of summer and the unmatched taste of France.”

Manon’s ‘Taste of France’ summer recipes and hosting tips will be available on the Boursin® Instagram page, @BoursinUK.

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