No Glasto tickets? 7 of the top-rated music festivals with tickets still available

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Though Europe’s top three-rated music festivals, Glastonbury, Tomorrowland and Hellfest, are sold out, music fans still have the chance to attend seven of the top 10-rated festivals this summer. 

Research by travel expert and ferry operator DFDS ranked and revealed Europe’s 10 most popular festivals and seven (including Parookaville, Rock am Ring, and Reading Festival) still have tickets available, with prices starting from €85 (£72).

To create the rank, DFDS collated the total number of Google searches in each European country for 444 music festivals for key terms like {festival name} festival”, “{festival name} tickets”, and “tickets for {festival name}”. 

Europe’s 10 most popular festivals, including dates and ticket availability:

1Tomorrowland, Belgium19th-21st and 26th-28th JulySOLD OUT
2Glastonbury, UK26th-30th JuneSOLD OUT
3Hellfest, France27th-30th JuneSOLD OUT
4Parookaville, Germany19th-21st JulyDay tickets from €119, weekend from €249. Available on the official website.
5Rock am Ring, Germany7th-9th JuneDay tickets from €119, weekend from €269. Available on the official website.
6Reading Festival, UK21st-25th AugustDay tickets from £125, weekend from £325. Available on Ticketmaster.
7Download Festival, UK14th-16th JuneDay tickets from £124, weekend from £267. Available on Ticketmaster.
8Sziget, Hungary7th-12th AugustDay tickets from €85, 3-day pass from €239. Available on the official website.
9Rock Werchter, Germany4th-7th JulyDay tickets from €134, weekend from €309. Available on the official website.
10Leeds Festival, UK21st-25th AugustDay tickets from £115, weekend from £325. Available on Ticketmaster.

Tomorrowland in Belgium revealed as Europe’s top music festival, followed by Glastonbury and French festival Hellfest 

With summer festival season fast approaching, and an estimated 89.8m festival goers in Europe this year, a new study by Europe travel expert and ferry operator DFDS reveals Europe’s favourite music festivals. 

The study analysed 444 European music festivals to name the most in-demand across the continent and which are most up-and-coming. By looking at Google search data in each European country since 2022, the study identified the most popular festivals, each country’s preferred ‘home’ and ‘away’ music festival, as well as which are on the rise.  

Tomorrowland, Belgium, is Europe’s favourite music festival, top in 46 of 53 countries 

With 16.5 million searches by Europeans since 2022, Tomorrowland is a fantastic electronic dance music (EDM) festival in Antwerp, Belgium, and ranks as Europe’s most popular music event. It was also the top searched ‘away’ festival in 46 out of the 53 countries analysed. Research shows almost half of British, Spanish and German residents have travelled abroad for a music event.   

Glastonbury, the iconic family-friendly music event, ranks in second place with over nine million searches across the continent, followed by France’s heavy metal Hellfest which generated over four million searches. 

Europe’s top five music festivals: 

Rank Festival Name Host Country Total Google searches since 2022 
Tomorrowland Belgium 16,451,430 
Glastonbury UK 9,153,600 
Hellfest France 4,137,780 
Parookaville Germany 3,156,580 
Rock am Ring Germany 3,121,470 

Europe’s top UK music festivals 

As a world-leader in festival culture, appetite to attend UK-based festivals is unsurprisingly high.  

Glastonbury is the most popular music festival, favoured by Europeans and Brits alike.  

Reading Festival follows in second, with just over three million searches over the past two years – one million more searches than its sister festival, Leeds.  

Download Festival ranks in third place, seeing almost 2.5 million searches since 2022.  

Rank Festival Name Total Google searches since 2022 
Glastonbury 9,153,600 
Reading Festival 3,099,480 
Download Festival 2,490,680 
Leeds Festival 2,098,000 
Boomtown 2,096,040 

Europe’s most up-and-coming music festivals 

Europe is home to some of the world’s most iconic festivals, but many lesser-known events are growing in popularity. DFDS analysed which festivals saw the largest increase in searches since 2022. 

Big Smoke Festival, a brand-new event curated by rap artist Skepta, earns the crown of most up-and-coming festival with a search increase of over 15,000%. South Ocean Festival, a two-day event in Malmö, Sweden, held by the seaside ranks second. It first posted on Instagram in late 2022 announcing its festival in summer 2023, which returns this year with its mostly local lineup. Similarly, Vaulen Open Air, a festival in Stavanger, Norway, first posted in late 2022 announcing its 2023 festival which returns this year welcoming Jason Derulo and Keane. 


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