New skincare brand Azadi Skin

New skincare brand Azadi Skin

Introducing Azadi Skin:  a capsule skincare range designed with melanin-rich skin at the forefront, not as an afterthought

Liberate your natural and true melanin glow!

Are you confused and disappointed, using skincare products that just don’t work for your deeper-toned skin? Stuck in a cycle of overloading your face with actives to battle skin issues, only to find it leads to dehydration, inflammation, more pigmentation and dullness? You’re not alone! 

New skincare brand Azadi Skin was born from the disappointment that founder Ayyab Cockburn felt after being blighted with skin issues throughout her teen and adult life. For decades she experimented with products that initially showed promise but ultimately led to dullness, irritation, uneven skin tone and disappointment. 

Ayyab realised that myths like “melanin-rich skin is more resilient” or “it doesn’t need as much protection” have led to skin damage, loss of radiance and emotional turmoil for so many. In her pursuit of learning more, she stumbled upon a statistic that a huge 79% of people found it harder to find products for their darker skin tone. Upon reaching her forties, she was inspired to redress the balance and help others discover skin empowerment to liberate their glow. Confronting the lack of care, choice, and education surrounding skincare for deeper skin tones, Azadi was born. A range that treats melanin-rich skin as a forethought, not an afterthought!

Ayyab comments, “Years of searching for the perfect skin solutions, using on-trend products featuring the latest buzzword ingredients and they only ever presented with temporary positive outcomes. Even when things started well, it always seemed to result in irritation, dullness and uneven skin tone on my melanin-rich skin, likely due to harsh formulations that stripped and damaged my skin. My glow was lost and I was trapped in a vicious cycle of disappointment that not only had a physical impact, but an emotional one too. I was desperate to escape from it!”

“I embarked on a journey of discovery about the needs of melanin-rich skin. While we all have melanin in our skin, the deeper your tone (more melanin-rich), the more reactive your skin is likely to be, to protect itself. This susceptibility to inflammation can lead to excessive pigmentation (dark spots) and dehydration through barrier damage. After my own experiences, I was saddened but not shocked, to learn that the skin care industry has historically catered for only the 30% with lower levels of melanin (lighter tones). I was far from alone in my frustration and disappointment. I knew it was time to be more melanin-kind!”

Those with deeper-toned skin are widely underrepresented within the skincare industry, leading to confusion, disappointment and even damage, in the quest for healthier-looking skin. Translated to ‘freedom’ in Persian, Azadi was specifically developed with melanin-rich skin at the forefront. 

More than just a skincare brand, Azadi is a revolution designed to liberate your natural melanin glow. Ayyab’s mission is to restore the health and radiance of the skin naturally, using simple skincare routines combined with smart formulations rooted in science, for sustainable long-term skin health outcomes. 

All skin contains melanin and the Azadi products have been created to be kind, gentle and inclusive to all skin tones. Effective formulations that focus on boosting hydration and strengthening and brightening the skin barrier to re-boot the natural glow in all skin tones.  

Melanin-rich skincare that’s for ALL Melanin-Kind.

The brand formula centres on three main tenets: 

  • EQUITY to address the imbalance of choice and understanding for deeper-toned skin
  • EDUCATION on what melanin-rich skin needs and how best to care for melanated skin
  • EFFICACY of high quality, naturally derived ingredients, which are carefully curated and expertly formulated to nourish our skin without compromising the barrier.

The launch capsule collection features an easy-to-follow 4-step daily routine plus booster products to protect and for the times when your skin needs a little more love and hydration. 

Azadi takes the complication out and provides the opportunity to be consistently kind to your skin with long-term results. 


  1. Cleanse Face Wash, £32 
    • Description: Cleanse and brighten the skin without drying. This hydrating serum face wash emulsifies from a light cream texture and washes away easily. Oat amino acids and mild surfactants make it suitable for sensitive skin.
    • Key ingredients: Azelaic acid to gently exfoliate and brighten the skin with antioxidant properties, Squalane to restore the lipid barrier, and powerful botanical alternatives to Hyaluronic acid, Cassia Angustifolia and Tamarind gum, to boost hydration. 
  1. Brighten Day Serum, £48 
    • Description: Boost radiance and hydration with this powerhouse of concentrated antioxidants, for use on the face in the day. Gentle enough to brighten the appearance of dark circles around the eyes. 
    • Key ingredients: Antioxidant-rich Azelaic Acid to boost radiance and luminosity while simultaneously evening out the skin tone. Kakadu plum is nature’s most powerful source of Vitamin C, providing antioxidant protection and adding luminosity. Ectoin is known for its potent water-binding properties and ability to protect cells from damage while repairing and regenerating. Microbiome balancing biotics and Halobacterium ferment hydrate, firm and nourish a strong barrier.   
  1. Illuminate Moisturiser, £49 
    • Description: Repair your skin barrier and boost hydration and radiance long-term with this universal moisturiser.
    • Key ingredients: Plant oils such as Sea Buckthorn oil along with Glycolipids aid in repairing and protecting the skin barrier. Superpower hydration comes from Cassia Angustifolia, Tamarind Seed Gum and Glycerin. Active ferments Saccharomyces and Aspergillus condition skin and even tone. 
  1. Nourish Retinal Night Serum, £56 
  • Description: Regenerate your skin’s cells with this powerful but gentle night serum.  
  • Key ingredients: Retinal acts up to 11 times faster than classic retinol but is less irritating. It provides anti-ageing, radiance-boosting and skin-smoothing benefits.  Glycolipids lock in hydration and protect against irritation. 


Moisture Boost Serum for the times when your skin needs a little more love and hydration Protect SPF30 Tinted Moisturiser for daily protection, hydration and glow. 

  • Moisture Boost Polyglutamic Serum, £48 
    • Description: Unveil your most radiant skin with this booster serum. 
    • Key ingredients: Polyglutamic acid holds 4x more moisture than hyaluronic acid, to replenish cells and improve skin tone and texture. Microalgae offers free radical protection and supports cell turnover for skin barrier recovery.
  • Protect SPF30 Tinted Moisturiser, £48
    • Description: A combined mineral sunscreen and tinted moisturiser formulated with filters to protect from harmful UVA, UVB, visible light and blue light. Evens skin tone, blurs imperfections and enhances natural radiance for a bare-faced glow.
    • Key ingredients: Solastemis™ works to correct the signs of sun damage and promote a glowing and even complexion. Cassia Angustifolia, Tamarind Gum and Glycerin provide a hydration boost.

The Azadi range harnesses the properties of natural ingredients and carefully crafted formulations to build a skincare routine that pays attention to deeper tones but promotes healthy skin for all, especially those with sensitive skin. 

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