More than £2 million spent on Pimms at Wimbledon

Pimms at Wimbledon

With Wimbledon under way, Hodge’s research reveals how much it will cost Brits to attend, including tickets, travel, and refreshments.


Wimbledon is a huge event for tennis fanatics and can be a pricey event, with tickets costing up to £275.

How much it costs to go to Wimbledon by car

City        Distance (miles)Unleaded Cost (£)Diesel Cost (£)
London      20              3.29             2.72
Birmingham  240             39.42            32.69
Manchester  420             69.00            57.20
Leeds       430             70.12            58.57
Glasgow     810             133.19           110.42
Edinburgh   800             131.40           108.96
Cardiff     300             49.28            40.86
Belfast     940             154.40           128.23
Liverpool   440             72.27            59.93
Bristol     240             39.42            32.69

Additional costs to consider

For those travelling from or through London, it’s important to be aware of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charges. Vehicles that don’t meet emissions standards will incur a daily charge of £12.50.

Food and drink

For convenience, attendees can purchase The Express Picnic for just £15, which includes sandwiches, a snack, and a drink.

Other dining options include the Centenary Garden, Walled Garden, The Hill, Southern Village, Tea Lawn, and Parkside.

For a classic Wimbledon treat, strawberries and cream are available for £2.50 per serving. This snack is incredibly popular, with around 200,000 portions consumed during The Championships every year, amounting to £500,000 spent by tennis fans.

Last year, the cost of a can of Pimm’s was £9.70, and a pint of beer ranged from £7.20 to £7.55. With 276,291 glasses of Pimms consumed at last year’s tournament, £2,680,022.70.2

Christie Cook, managing director of retail at Hodge said: “For Wimbledon attendees, it could be a good idea to car-share to not only cut fuel expenses but also reduce CO2 emissions. Exploring alternative travel methods such as coach, bus, or train can significantly save on costs and alleviate the stress of parking. Planning ahead ensures a more economical and enjoyable experience at the tournament.”

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