How to save money on your Maldives holiday

save money on your Maldives holiday

Featuring over a thousand small islands in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is a bucket-list destination for travellers worldwide. Yet while this incredible archipelagic destination promises sun, beautiful turquoise water and lasting memories, the price of a trip can cost upwards of thousands of pounds, which is unattainable for many.

Working in the hospitality industry for over a decade, is Silvia Collepardi, travel expert at Atmosphere Core, a hospitality company with three distinct brands including COLOURS OF OBLU. Silvia reveals: “The Maldives is often believed to be out of reach for the everyday traveller. In fact, the destination has plenty of options to satisfy a variety of budgets, particularly in the summer months where, contrary to popular belief, the weather can still be very good. This can make the Maldives more affordable than European destinations in the summer, but with the elevated standards of service that Indian Ocean resorts are known for.”

“Being flexible on dates – travellers and those who have the luxury can save travellers upwards of £2,500 on the total cost of their holiday. Take OBLU SELECT Sangeli for example, which in peak season can cost anywhere between £3,500 and £4,300 per person for a seven night stay, but during the low season can be down to £2,400**.

“Opting for all-inclusive is also a brilliant way of ensuring that travellers remain within budget on holiday. The Maldives has an exceptional array of all-inclusive resorts that go beyond the typical offering, with many providing not only top-quality food and beverages, but also spa treatments, water sports, excursions and activities all included in the one price.

From time of year, to where to stay, and even how they book – there’s a few ways to ensure you are getting the best value for money.”

Below, Silvia shares her top tips for how to save money when booking a Maldives holiday:

  1. Knowing when to go

A Maldivian holiday can be great year-round as temperatures average 25 to 30 degrees Celsius throughout the year, even during the summertime, meaning there is no need to pigeonhole yourself to the typical ‘peak season’.

In fact, when booking outside of peak season, between the months of May through September, you are more likely to find reduced prices across resorts. Comparing a stay at OBLU SELECT Lobigili through package holiday provider Kenwood Travel, those who opt to book in July rather than December 2024, would save up to £1,500 per person.

For those hoping to save that tiny bit more, consider which days to travel on. Flying on weekdays rather than weekends can more often than not result in cheaper flights, because people tend to prefer to travel Saturday – Saturday or Sunday – Sunday. Regardless of whether you book through a package provider or independently, keep this trick in mind.

  1. Choose your resort wisely

Where you opt to stay in the Maldives can make or break your budget. Over the last few years, the Maldives has diversified in the types of resorts it offers. From resorts designed for young families to those created as a couples retreat, or even for groups of friends to get away, nowadays the stereotypical honeymoon destination has something for everyone at a range of budgets.

With so many options to choose from, consider booking a stay at a more affordable resort, like an all-inclusive, such as OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi. With its playful design, this resort aims to be accessible for all, with guests staying on its all-inclusive package, the “Fushi Plan”, which includes everything you would need while on the island – from snorkelling, delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, superb cuisine, and more, it means beyond the upfront cost, there isn’t much more you’d have to pay for.

It’s also important to be weary of flight transfers to and from the hotel once in Male. Some hotels offer this themselves, while others are through a package holiday provider. These additional transfers can be costly, so ensure you have that sorted ahead of your arrival. The all-inclusive package at OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi, along with its sister resorts, all include this transfer at no additional cost for all bookings – and as Ailafushi is only a 15-minute speed boat transfer from Male, it’s easily accessible.

  1. Snag a package to save £££

A package holiday isn’t just easy to book, but can actually help you save those precious pounds. Using a tour operator to see the rates on offer for both accommodation and flights can be a stress-free and often a more affordable way to achieve the holiday you are longing for.

Package holiday providers have access to airfare pricing that is not accessible to the public, meaning rates through them can be more affordable than what you could book independently. Whether it’s by a special promotion facilitated to package providers directly from the airlines, or incentives given by the hotels, it’s wise to keep an eye out for any limited-time promotions, as they’re often the best way to save. Booking at least six months in advance can also help secure the best rates.

COLOURS OF OBLU is a unique and vivid collection of resorts by Atmosphere Core. Its destinations present a curated selection of diverse experiences that bring the magical beauty and big-hearted hospitality of the Maldives alive.

For more information, visit For additional information on its parent company, Atmosphere Core, and its full portfolio of resorts, offering a truly exceptional hospitality experience, visit

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