How to get fit without stress – Bikini season is almost here

Bikini season

People tend to start worrying about their bodies when summer is on the horizon — and we all know the outcome.

They pick a miracle weight loss plan, cut their caloric intake and exercise excessively to lose a few pounds… and likely achieve negligible changes, and regain the weight as soon as the vacation is over.

Studies show that the body can burn approximately 2.2 pounds of fat each week, which requires cutting your average calorie intake in half. The number might drop drastically on the scales, but that’s water and muscle mass, which is undesirable both in terms of health and aesthetics. Furthermore, as soon as you stop, your metabolism will anticipate your next diet attempt and pile it all back on,” — shares Walter.

Tips to get ready for the summer without any stress and starvation

Get your steps in
“If you can get somewhere in under 30 minutes on foot, walk briskly,” Walter advised. “It’s a low-impact exercise that most can manage and burns a surprising number of calories. Not only will your improved metabolism make a noticeable difference to your weight, but each step will also help to tone up your cardiovascular health and muscle mass.”

Schedule micro-workouts
“If daily workouts are too overwhelming, try micro-workouts instead,” Walter shares. “These bursts of movement, done multiple times a day, add up. Ideally, you need at least 15 minutes of exercise — running up the stairs, jumping jacks, or a set of squats — spread throughout the day. As long as you’re exerting yourself for more than 20 seconds and no longer than 10 minutes to ensure you’re maintaining the pace, you can tailor your routine to work around your schedule.”

Ignore the urge to snack
“You’ll never achieve your weight goal if you’re constantly snacking. Even if you reach for relatively low-calorie foods, each bite still takes you a step further from achieving the caloric deficit required to slim down. It also sends your hormones into overdrive, causing spikes in insulin, ghrelin (the hunger hormone), and leptin (the satiety hormone), disrupting your body’s ability to burn fat. If you want to shed the pounds, you must establish structured meal times and avoid the urge to snack,” — Walter said.

Go easy on the ‘healthy’ treats
“If the packaging says “diet”, “keto”, or “low-carb” it must be healthy, right? Look at the ingredients and nutritional values. You will be shocked at how many calories, carbs, and added sugars they contain. One or two won’t hurt, but that “diet” label doesn’t mean you can eat as much as you desire. Don’t deny yourself entirely — or you will inevitably give up — but do take it easy on the “healthy” snacks,” — Walter explained.

Follow a protein and veg-heavy diet
“Many diets advise eating less, but the portion size doesn’t matter; the calories and macronutrients do.” According to Walter, smaller portions will only leave you feeling hungry, encouraging you to snack. Instead, he suggests following a lean protein and vegetables-heavy diet, as they have fewer calories, so you can eat more without packing on the pounds, as well as a higher satiety index (meaning we feel full sooner) and ensure the necessary protein to maintain muscles whilst losing fat. “Minimise carbohydrates and especially sugars, which inversely stimulate the appetite and cravings, as well as having high caloric density,” — suggests Walter.

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