Honeymoon booking mistakes 

Honeymoon booking mistakes 

Couples tying the knot soon are being told of common honeymoon mistakes people make when booking their trip.

Travel experts at have shared five things to keep in mind when planning the big romantic getaway.

A common mistake couples make is not checking the season in their chosen destination which can result in an accidental trip during the rain and monsoon season. 

They also urge couples changing their name to remember to travel with a copy of their marriage certificate.

John Charnock, CEO of said: “Your honeymoon is the trip of a lifetime so you want everything to run smoothly and according to plan.

“While you’re booking your honeymoon it’s likely that you’ll also be planning your wedding which means you have a million and one things to think about.

“Unfortunately this means a lot of couples end up making some mistakes when it comes to booking their honeymoon.

“One major mistake is not checking the season. A lot of popular honeymoon destinations have their rain and monsoon seasons during the summer. If you find this is the case you may want to wait a few months before going on your honeymoon or consider changing the location.

“It’s also vital that couples changing their names travel with a copy of their marriage certificate especially if the names are not yet changed on passports.”

Honeymoon mistakes: 

  1. Booking without checking the season

A lot of couples make the mistake of booking their honeymoon without checking the season and weather in their chosen destination. Check what the local weather is like to make sure you’re not going during monsoon season. A lot of popular destinations that are further away experience their rainy seasons during the summer months.

  1. Relying on social media recommendations

Social media can be a great way to discover hotels and restaurants but solely relying on it alone is a recipe for disaster. Things may look great in pictures and video but make sure you check online reviews and ratings to make sure the service and cleanliness is up to scratch or you could be left very disappointed.

  1. Not booking adult only hotels

Booking an adult only hotel is key for a quiet and romantic getaway. Many couples may not think about this and end up finding their resort filled with families and young children. If you’re set on a hotel that isn’t adult only, it’s worth enquiring about an adult only section. 

  1. Overplanning

It’s good to put an itinerary together to use your time effectively but be careful not to cram too much in and over plan on your trip. Overplanning means you’ll miss out on spontaneous memories that come from freely exploring a new city or country. Make sure to leave some free time during your schedule so you can relax as newlyweds.

  1. Forgetting marriage documents

If you’ve changed your name legally but not on your passport then it’s important to travel with a copy of your marriage certificate to show officials. Having a copy of your marriage certificate with you will also help with honeymoon upgrades and freebies.

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