Holiday Hair SOS: Hair expert reveals the pre-trip dos and don’ts for gorgeous locks

Holiday Hair

Preparing to go on holiday can be an extensive ritual, as we all want to look our best abroad with fresh manicures, tans, outfits and, of course, hair.

But should you be getting trim, refreshing your highlights, or installing extensions right before a trip?

Hair Expert Nicole Petty of Milk + Blush reveals the best times to get your hair done ahead of a holiday and what to avoid doing last minute.

Hair dyeing

Freshly coloured hair can fade very quickly in the sun and when frequently washed, so avoid touching up any highlights, roots, or full head of hair right before a beach trip.

You should always tell your stylist about any upcoming trips so they can best advise you about hair treatment timelines and aim to colour your hair at least two weeks before a holiday.

Highlights can lighten even further in the sun, while colour fades much quicker with sun and water exposure.

Blondes should also be wary, as freshly bleached hair can develop a green undertone in chlorinated water, so make sure to pack the purple shampoo.


You want your hair to look and feel as healthy as possible on holiday, and that starts with getting a haircut beforehand.

Heavy sun and water exposure can further damage already vulnerable hair, so making sure your locks are as healthy as possible is the best way to protect them.

Even cutting just a few centimetres and removing split ends can make all the difference.

Just remember to pack the hair masks on holiday and revisit the hair salon once you’ve returned for a nourishing treatment or another trim.

Hair extensions

When it comes to professional extensions, taking care of them while on holiday is crucial to protect your locks from damage.

They should be installed at least one week before you travel, which will give you enough time to get used to them and blend properly with your natural hair. This will also give you enough time to fix any issues before you go abroad.

When on holiday, make sure to style your hair in a loose braid or ponytail before you swim to make it easier to detangle, and avoid exposing them to too much chlorine and saltwater.

Extensions should also be nourished with a rich hair mask and moisturising products to keep them frizz-free, and upon returning to the UK, head to the salon for a maintenance appointment.

Hair extensions also need specialist products that are silicone and oil-free to maintain their lustre, so don’t rely on complimentary toiletries. Make sure you’re leaving enough room in your suitcase for your tried-and-true products.

Holiday Hair Tips

#1 Protect your hair with SPF

UV rays can have harsh effects on your hair, including colour fading, dryness and loss of elasticity, so protecting it with SPF is essential.

Applying an SPF spray or cream will provide your mane with much-needed protection and prevent colour-fading, frizz, and scalp burns.

If you spend a prolonged time in the sun, you should also wear a hat.

#2 Use hydrating products

Exposure to intense heat and sun, saltwater, chlorine and wind can cause your hair to become increasingly dry and damaged, so replenishing it with moisture is key.

Hydrating products can create a protective barrier in your hair from environmental stressors and prevent colour from fading.

Prioritise using nourishing shampoos and conditioners containing ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, argan oil and shea butter, or if you have colour-treated hair, use products that target colour maintenance while hydrating locks.

#3 Wet your hair before swimming

Like a sponge, hair is absorbent and it can soak up chemically treated or salty water, leaving your locks looking and feeling dry and frizzy and can discolour dyed hair.

Saturating hair with clean water before swimming in a pool or the ocean will reduce its ability to absorb chlorinated or salty water by minimising its porosity and retaining moisture.

This will also leave it less prone to breakage and easier to detangle.

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