Growing preference for plant-based diets in Malaysia fuels dairy-free innovations

plant-based diets in Malaysia

There is a multitude of reasons why consumers opt for plant-based food and drinks, including dietary restrictions like allergies, adherence to vegan or vegetarian diets, or health considerations, which are pivotal to product innovations, given the positive perception of dairy-free alternatives. As a result, dairy-free innovations are on the rise in Malaysia, says GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company.

Meenakshi Haran, Lead Consumer Analyst at GlobalData, comments: “Many consumers are highly conscious of the relationship between diet and health and are becoming increasingly motivated to take care of their health. Increased health consciousness and changes in lifestyle, coupled with awareness about the benefits associated with maintaining overall health, have led to significant changes in consumer behavior towards healthy food consumption in recent years. Malaysians overwhelmingly consider plant-based alternatives to be healthier as concurred by 59% of respondents in a recent GlobalData survey#.”

Paul Savuriar, Senior Business Development Manager, ASEAN, GlobalData, adds: “Consumers are also more aware than ever of the impact of their choices on the environment and their desire to make better purchasing decisions. Consumers understand that ethics represents the first step in leading a sustainable life and that food & drinks often represent the first area through which they can control their impact on the environment. Plant-based alternatives are regarded as more environmentally friendly / more sustainable by 46% of Malaysian consumers#.”

Haran continues: “Brands are recognizing this evolving consumer desire to discover innovative and unique dairy alternatives, with 41% of Malaysians claiming that they consume this diet every day or up to 6 days a week#. Nestlé, for instance, introduced its GOODNESS range of almond & oat milk to appeal to the evolving preferences of Malaysian consumers. Similarly, the So Good brand expanded its offering in Malaysia to include So Good Oat Extra Creamy to provide consumers with an indulgent taste.”

Savuriar concludes: “Consumers are increasingly gravitating towards beverages tailored to their preferences, motivating more brands to introduce plant-based options to expand growth opportunities. This desire for targeted food & drinks is affirmed by 64% of Malaysian respondents, who stated they are always/often influenced by how well a product is tailored to their needs*.”

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