Facial Fitness: Won’t Cause Miracles and Might Inflict Harm

The number of cosmetic surgery procedures performed by plastic surgeons increased by 11.2% in 2022, indicating a significant evolution in the area as of 2023. These statistics comprise more than 14.9 million surgical and 18.8 million non-surgical operations and demonstrate the continuous appeal of cosmetic surgery on a global scale. In 2022, the United Kingdom, in particular, saw a 102% yearly increase in cosmetic treatments, the greatest rise observed since data collection began in 2004.

Following the trend, there are also alternative approaches to facial surgery that are emerging.

Face yoga has become a social media sensation with over 2 billion views on TikTok alone, making it the latest trend in anti-aging exercises. The surge in popularity for facial fitness includes a range of treatments such as massages, exercises, and facial yoga routines, often drawing comparisons to the outcomes of cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures.

Even if they accentuate features and successfully improve facial muscles, unrealistic expectations might arise. “There‘s a pure zero chance that these methods could stand next to serious medical procedures,” says Dr. Gediminas Samulenas, a surgeon at Nordesthetics clinic in Kaunas, Lithuania. “The primary reason for the growing popularity of such videos is that they provide something magical with no expense, scars, or risk. Thus the teacher gets more views following creation of a larger community and translating to increased revenue from advertisements.”

Positive outcome of facial exercise

However, face physiotherapy might be beneficial if carried out correctly. When performed appropriately, facial exercises can help with muscle tone and offer a slight improvement in the overall appearance of the face. It can be compared to working out.

“Professionally done exercises will mostly help younger people, when there‘s very mild actual sagginess (med. Ptosis). Yet, when ptosis becomes more pronounced, facial layers have to be literally lifted back up (facelift),” explains the surgeon.

Self-learnt practices might inflict harm

Additionally, self-learnt face exercises might negatively affect the person’s skin, as sagging will accelerate due to ongoing damage to the face connective layers (which varies directly with the severity and duration of the malpractice). Pulling too hard could potentially break microcapillaries in the skin.

“There‘s a thin boundary between facial exercise and harmful skin stretching. Therefore it should be carried out by a person, who‘s educated in facial anatomy and skilled in physiotherapy and massages. Otherwise, it is not wise to do so,” says Dr. Samulenas.

Today, facelifts, brow lifts, neck lifts, and eyelid operations are the most common facial plastic surgery treatments carried out at Nordesthetics clinic. Over 15% of patients undergoing plastic surgery in 2023 received at least one of these operations. Women make up the bulk of patients traveling from the UK and Ireland. Although there is some age range for these procedures, most patients for facial surgery are older than those for body surgery.


Nordesthetics is a private plastic surgery clinic in Kaunas, Lithuania, part of Nordclinic, offering high-quality services and focusing on foreign patients. It is equipped with modern diagnostic and surgical facilities. The clinic has one of the largest plastic surgery teams in Eastern, Central, and Northern Europe, with 12 plastic surgeons and a team of several hundred medical staff. The surgeons have more than 10 years of experience and perform around 3,000 plastic surgery operations per year. Most of them have completed fellowships abroad. Also, the surgeons regularly participate in trainings and conferences both in Lithuania and foreign institutions. Medical professionals at the clinic speak fluent English.

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