Experience the Shapes of Gelato with Badiani this Summer

Badiani gelato

This summer, Badiani Gelato is bringing a burst of creativity and joy to gelato lovers in London, Brighton, and Windsor with their “Shapes of Gelato” offerings.

These innovative and delicious gelato creations use only the highest quality ingredients and traditional Italian techniques. Badiani’s dedication to excellence has earned it a reputation as the best gelato in the UK.

A Celebration of Creativity and Flavour

Badiani believes gelato should be enjoyed in various delightful forms. Here’s what you can look forward to this summer, from the Florentine experts:

Gelato Crepes: Freshly made crepes topped with your favourite gelato or sorbet and a selection of luscious sauces. The signature recommendation is Buontalenti gelato paired with Paolo Pomposi Pistachio sauce or Dolce Vita hazelnut chocolate sauce.

Gelato Croissants: Discover the “Pistachio Croiss-ato” – a freshly baked croissant filled with Buontalenti gelato, drizzled with Paolo Pomposi pistachio sauce, and topped with pistachio crumble. This creation is inspired by the viral success of Badiani’s beloved Pistachio Hot Chocolate.

Gelato Burgers: A playful take on a burger, featuring a scoop of Buontalenti gelato with hazelnut chocolate Dolce Vita sauce, nestled between toasted brioche buns. Customise it with any of the delectable gelato or sorbet flavours and a choice of sauces.

Gelato Cups and Cones: Savour Badiani’s delicious and innovative gelato flavours in the most traditional form, including the vegan dark chocolate sorbet made with 72.74% Venezuelan cocoa.

Gelatoshakes: Enjoy personalised milkshakes crafted with a choice of gelato and milk. The vegan options feature sorbets blended with plant-based milk, such as a pina colada twist with pineapple sorbet and coconut milk.

Coppa Gelato: a Badiani twist on the traditional sundae, with three scoops of your favourite gelato, choice of sauce and a wafer served in a traditional coppa glass. This item is very popular in Florence, but has not been available at Badiani in the UK, until now!

Badiani’s Heritage: Perfecting the art of gelato making for over 90 years

Founded in Florence in 1932, Badiani has a rich history of crafting exceptional gelato. The heritage is deeply rooted in the legacy of Paolo Pomposi, whose passion for gelato was inherited from his father, a master gelato maker. Paolo’s innovative approach mirrors that of Bernardo Buontalenti, the Florentine creator of gelato, focusing on creativity and the finest ingredients.

Badiani’s signature flavour, named Buontalenti in honour of the inventor, is crafted with only four ingredients: milk, cream, sugar, and eggs. This flavour embodies the art of gelato making, focusing on quality and tradition.

Michelin-Star Chef Paul Ainsworth’s National Cream Tea Day

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