ESPA Life at Corinthia: A New Wave of Wellness

ESPA Life at Corinthia

ESPA Life at Corinthia is pleased to introduce a new selection of Holisticology treatments; ESPA Life Skin and Body Therapy. The new category of treatments fuse ESPA Life’s holistic approach to wellbeing with results driven treatments using clinical technologies. 

ESPA Life Skin and Body Therapy treatments deliver immediate and long-lasting results using the best clinically and medically proven technologies including Cryotherapy, Compression Therapy and LED. Developed to restore and renew skin with results you can see instantly, these tried and tested wellbeing technologies and scientific advances work to improve skin health whilst uplifting overall wellbeing. Please find treatment menu below. 

ESPA Life Skin Therapy: 

Cryo Contour Facial – 90 min / £295

  • This high-performance cryotherapy facial focuses on stimulating collagen production and improving skin volume for an immediate firming, sculpting, and line-smoothing effect. Targeted ice-cold air flow massage recharges the complexion with noticeable results. Imparting a natural radiance for renewed confidence, skin feels instantly lifted and tightened and surface texture looks smoother, de-puffed and refined so lines and wrinkles appear less visible 

Cryotherapy Eye & Scalp Treatment – 45 min / £175

  • This unique combination of chilled air and advanced massage, instantly refreshes and rejuvenates skin around the eyes, smoothing the appearance of fine lines. Tension across the forehead and scalp is dissolved as the mind is enlivened with renewed clarity 

Deep Cleansing Light Therapy Facial – 90 min / £295

  • Intensely pore purifying, an advanced combination of massage, rebalancing facial formulas and LED light therapy leaves reactive skin feeling balanced and renewed 

Light Therapy Facial Booster – 30 min / £150

  • The beneficial wavelengths from the light spectrum have proven skin enhancing effects, including boosting collagen production, increasing hydration, calming redness and irritation and blitzing blemish causing bacteria. Used to full effect here LED light therapy will complement any ESPA facial treatment and boost cellular activity 

ESPA Life Body Therapy: 

Airwaves Body Massage – 45 min / £175

  • Fabulously effective, this treatment uses Lymphatic Compression Therapy to help reduce bloating and puffiness, promote healing and recovery, and instil a feeling of lightness and comfort throughout the body, lifting mood and encouraging a clear mind 

Cryotherapy Body Treatment – 120 min / £395

  • Using contrast hot and cold therapy to stimulate circulation and strengthen the body’s systems this massage boosts energy, smooths skin and leaves mind and body feeling renewed 

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