Divorce jewellery: What to do with your diamonds after you split

Divorce jewellery

With Emily Ratajkowski sharing her divorce rings, Google searches for ‘what is a divorce ring’ are +100% in the last week. 

Nilesh Rakholia, jeweller and founder at Abelini has shared his insight: 

“Divorce jewellery is usually created to honour the marriage and help you move on from a chapter of your life. While it may seem odd to celebrate a divorce, it’s less about focusing on the separation but instead honouring your past and helping you to move forward and reclaim your identity.

“When it comes to wearing your divorce ring, there are no set rules. If you miss wearing your wedding ring, you can use it as a replacement and wear it on the fourth finger on your left hand. While there are many ready-made options available for divorce rings, you can also repurpose your old wedding ring to create a new piece, like Emily Ratajkowski has. 

“Emily’s original ring featured two stones but when redesigning her engagement ring, she split the diamonds and recast them into new pieces, perfectly signifying the separation with her partner. 

“While the ring still incorporates the original stones, mixing the two metals used for claw settings on the separate rings has helped to give the two rings different identities, giving them a completely new feel and meaning. The new rings feature the same pear-shaped diamond, now mounted on a yellow-gold band as a signet ring, while the princess diamond is positioned on either side of the two trapezoid stones.

“If you’re looking to remodel an engagement ring, there are various ways you can reuse diamonds to create a more updated version of the ring. Add coloured gemstones or a mix of coloured gold and mixed metals to give it a completely new look. Alternatively, you can remodel the stones into a pendant or reuse the diamonds to make stud earrings, helping to mark a fresh start.”

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