Cocktails That Will Transport You To All Corners Of The World

Cocktails from different countries

To celebrate World Cocktail Day (13 May), we have curated a guide to our favourite drinks from all corners of the world. From a spicy Margarita in The Palm Beaches to a refreshing Mai Thai in San Francisco, or even a Piña Colada in Puerto Rico, wherever your wanderlust takes you, there’s a local drink for the occasion!

A Martini with a vibe at Martuni’s: San Francisco’s one true piano bar – Martinis have become an integral part of San Francisco’s cultural fabric with origins dating back to the gold rush era, and there’s no better place to savour this timeless cocktail than at the city’s most popular piano bar, Martuni’s. Martuni’s rendition of the classic Californian cocktail goes down as smoothly as the sultry melody cascading from the grand piano in the backroom, often played by local legends such as nightlife personality, Maria Konner. Securing a spot on Esquire’s recent list of the Best Martinis in America, Martuni’s has held its rightful title as the spot in the city for a classic martini, leaving the bells and whistles to the performers.

Anthony Bourdain approved Chinese Mai Tai at Li Po Lounge: Chinatown’s perfect 85-year-old dive bar – A must-visit for all Mai Tai lovers, Li Po Lounge is a hidden gem nestled in San Francisco’s vibrant Chinatown. Serving their bespoke Mai Tai’s made from a blend of pineapple juice, dark and light rum, and a touch of Chinese Liqueur, Li Po Lounge has established itself as a hotspot in the heart of San Francisco and its acclaim extends to a featured spot on Anthony Bourdain’s ‘favourite bars in the city’ list.

Hot & Bothered, The Palm Beaches – Set against golden sand beaches and the brightest turquoise-coloured waters of The Palm Beaches in Florida, an invitation awaits to revel in the spirit of World Cocktail Day. At Stage Kitchen & Bar, helmed by acclaimed Chef Pushkar Marathe, culinary artistry intertwines with global flavours, offering an unforgettable journey for the palate. Among the highlights of their menu is the Hot & Bothered, a captivating rendition of the classic spicy margarita. This meticulously crafted cocktail harmonises the tropical essence of guava and lime, skillfully balanced with ghost pepper tequila, igniting a fiery kick to the senses.

Thai Basil Margarita, Santa Monica – Santa Monica, renowned for its lively culinary scene and creative mixologists, is home to a variety of bars and restaurants where expertly crafted cocktails complement fresh cuisine cooked with high quality, locally-farmed ingredients. Cassia is a critically acclaimed Southeast Asian brasserie that celebrates the vibrant flavours of Chef Bryant Ng’s Chinese-Singapore heritage. Celebrate World Cocktail Day with one of their signature cocktails such as the Thai Basil Margarita. With herbal and citric notes, this refreshing and cooling drink features Cimarron Tequila, Thai basil syrup, and preserved kaffir lime salt. Garnished with basil to help mellow the notes of the tequila, this modern twist on a margarita transports travellers to a tropical paradise. Cin Cin!

Nashville’s Golden Tail Whiskey Cocktail – Sip on some American charm and enjoy a taste of Tennessee whiskey from one of Nashville’s oldest distillers. Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery is a family run business, set up in Nashville by Charles Nelson in the 1800’s. Nelson was one of the first to bottle whiskey for sale rather than refilling jugs and barrels, and quickly became a household name to rival the likes of Jack Daniels before prohibition.  Whip up a selection of cocktails at home with online recipes and videos showcasing the Green Brier Distillery’s history. 

Two signature cocktails steal the show in Bermuda- Bermuda is known for delicious cocktails that combine local rum (which tends to be darker and sweeter than rums from the nearby Caribbean islands) with bitters, fruit juices, ginger beer and sweeteners.The two most famous original cocktails are the Dark ‘n Stormy® and the Rum Swizzle. The Swizzle Inn lays claim to inventing this fruity, rum-filled cocktail and is a traditional place for visitors to enjoy a final drink before leaving the island. The Rum Swizzle is also the unofficial national drink of Bermuda – it would be rude not to sip a swizzle on a sunny patio while gazing out on the turquoise ocean beyond.

The Ultimate Piña Colada in Puerto Rico- If you’re a fan of the piña colada, you should know that this famous tropical drink was invented in Puerto Rico. The sweet mix of coconut cream, pineapple juice, white rum, and ice was born in the island’s capital, San Juan, but the identity of its creator is still an unresolved controversy. Although there are many versions of the Caribbean drink, this is a trusty recipe to try at home. In a blender, mix 60ml coconut cream, 120ml pineapple juice, 4 cubes of ice and 60ml white rum until all the ingredients are blended smoothly and frosty. Pour the drink into a tall glass and top with whipped cream. Use cherries and pineapples as a garnish if you wish.

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