Celebrate World Cocktail Day at One of San Francisco’s Best Cocktail Hotspots 

World Cocktail Day

To celebrate World Cocktail Day (13 May), San Francisco Travel has compiled some top bars for cocktail lovers seeking a delicious tipple.

From a classic Martini at Martuni’s to a refreshing Mai Thai in San Francisco’s thriving Chinatown, travellers are spoilt for choice when it comes to the Golden City’s vibrant culinary scene and innovative mixologists.

Martuni’s: San Francisco’s one true piano bar 

Martinis have become an integral part of San Francisco’s cultural fabric, and there’s no better place to savour this timeless cocktail than at the city’s most popular piano bar, Martuni’s. Martuni’s rendition of the classic Californian cocktail goes down as smoothly as the sultry melody cascading from the grand piano in the backroom, often played by local legends such as nightlife personality, Maria Konner. 

The Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar: Over-the-top tiki-lover’s paradise 

To experience San Francisco’s tiki culture in all its glory, travellers should head straight to The Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar. Located inside the historic Fairmont Hotel, the Tonga Room offers tiki-lovers an immersive experience with an Asian-fusion menu featuring classic tiki drinks, complemented by live entertainment and a mesmerising 75-foot artificial lagoon, where tropical rainstorms cascade every thirty minutes. 

Li Po Lounge: Chinatown’s perfect 85-year-old dive bar (and Anthony Bourdain approved): 

A must-visit for all Mai Tai lovers, Li Po Lounge is a hidden gem nestled in San Francisco’s vibrant Chinatown. Serving their bespoke Mai Tai’s made from a blend of pineapple juice, dark and light rum, and a touch of Chinese Liqueur, Li Po Lounge has established itself as a hotspot in the heart of San Francisco and its acclaim extends to a featured spot on Anthony Bourdain’s ‘favourite bars in the city’ list. 

Trick Dog: Mission District’s premier den of mixology goes nautical 

In the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District lies an award-winning cocktail haven that takes mixology to new heights. Crowned one of the city’s trendiest watering holes, Trick Dog boasts an ambience of understated sophistication, with dim lighting casting a mysterious allure over its dark wood interior. Its innovative cocktail menu is a testament to its creativity, featuring rotating themes inspired by horoscopes, records and even Pantone colours. To celebrate World Cocktail Day Trick Dog is serving a selection of nautical-themed drinks showcased in their all-new ‘Salty Dog’ menu.

San Francisco’s top spots for a delicious and refreshing mocktail

Ocean Beach Cafe: San Francisco’s Non-Alcoholic Bar & Bottle Shop

Ocean Beach Cafe is one of the world’s first completely non-alcoholic bars, and a local hotspot for San Franciscans enjoying a daycation at the beachside bottleshop. Serving non-alcoholic IPAs, spritzes and wines, visitors can complement their mocktails with a delectable menu featuring mouthwatering dishes and freshly roasted coffee all while enjoying panoramic views of the bay. 

One Market Restaurant: The perfect Faux-Groni 

Visitors can discover a delightful array of non-alcoholic beverages at One Market, carefully curated by the talented bar manager, Oscar Davila. A standout drink is the Faux-Groni—an innovative non-alcoholic take on the classic Negroni. Made with Wilderton Zero Proof Bittersweet Aperitivo from Oregon, and infused with the lively zest of non-alcoholic orange bitters sourced from Chico, California, the Faux-Groni is a must try when visiting San Francisco.

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