Tips For Protecting Your Garden Furniture

Tips For Protecting Your Garden Furniture

These expert tips will keep your garden furniture protected through unpredictable weather

As the UK is set for an extremely diverse and unpredictable forecast over the next couple of weeks, garden furniture experts advise that garden furniture should be well protected to mitigate long-lasting or irreversible damage.

Recent weather forecasts predict highs of 20 degrees and sunshine, along with lows of zero degrees in some areas within the same week, meaning gardens will be faced with a wide variety of climates.

Ali Wooldridge, co-founder of luxury garden furniture company, Gardenesque, advises to keep furniture dry and covered no matter the weather, and shares why each material should be treated differently to maintain its quality.

Wet and cold weather.

Cover with a waterproof material.

If storage space is limited, Ali advises to protect all types of garden furniture with a quality, waterproof and airtight cover to maintain its long-lasting quality.

“Ensure that you regularly lift and waft your covering to allow airflow and prevent condensation, as this can lead to mildew, and in worst case scenarios, mould or rust”, warns Ali.

She advises to store where you have space to do, especially over longer periods of non-use.

Apply relevant treatments.

Whilst keeping your garden furniture dry and away from wet and cold environments, applying the correct treatment will also ensure for optimum protection and keep the furniture looking its best.

Ali advises to use teak oil or varnish for hardwood furniture, such as eucalyptus or oakwood, to prevent moisture from seeping into the wood or any natural grooves or cracks. “Apply varnish or teak oil that is specifically for hardwood at least twice a year to keep it in optimum condition and protect the wood from moisture and rain.”

Wooden furniture naturally weathers, according to Ali, and can create a rustic look, which is desirable to many, she says.

For advice on caring for your metal furniture, Ali adds, “Most people think that metal is weatherproof, and whilst it is more durable than other materials, many metals will need a regular polish or wax to protect from moisture and rust through colder and wetter weather.

However, powder coated aluminium, which we favour in our products, can uphold many weather states and is very durable, making it an excellent low maintenance choice. There’s only need to treat if the powder coating is damaged”, states Ali.

For all materials, she says to check the furniture is bone dry before treatment application.

Store away.

Many people think rainfall is the biggest culprit for wooden deterioration, but Ali says, “It’s the combination of rain and cold temperatures that cause the most damage for the likes of timber and eucalyptus wood. When the temperature drops below zero, any water and moisture within the wood will freeze and then thaw once temperatures rise, causing the wood to swell.”

To avoid any interior damage to your wooden garden furniture, it’s important to keep it stored away in a dry, covered place, such as a shed or garage, especially for softer woods as they’re porous.

For optimum protection from the harsher elements, Ali also says the same advice applies for metal and rattan garden furniture.


Apply UV protection.

Most rattan and hardwood garden furniture will require a UV protection to maintain their unique colouring and ‘new’ look.

“Some rattan furniture, such as our rattan collection, is made from plastic, and so tends to be more durable against UV rays. However, you might want to consider UV protection treatments  in either spray or wax form to ensure they don’t fade when exposed to continuous UV rays over a prolonged time.”, claims Ali.

Alternatively, she advises to cover the furniture with a parasol or in a shaded location to keep UV rays off, “But given the UK’s windier weather, it’s best to add that extra layer of UV protection through the spray or wax.”

High winds.

Fasten down furniture.

Whilst hardwood garden furniture can outstand the average UK wind speed, when it comes to stormy weather, Ali says it is a good idea to fasten down your furniture if you don’t have storage space, whether that be wood, rattan, or metal, to ensure it doesn’t blow away.

Regularly clean.

Ali advises to regularly brush off any debris, especially in rattan or woven furniture, whereby dirt, twigs and leaves can get stuck in the grooves.

“Furniture covers will also protect from leaves, dirt and garden debris that may be blown onto the furniture”, she concludes.

For further garden furniture care tips visit Gardenesque’s blog:

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