Best cities for fine dining and wine tasting in the world

fine dining destinations

Food and wine connoisseurs are being told of the best cities around the world to visit for luxury cuisine and exquisite drinks.

Travel experts at have named the top seven unsung destinations for trips to experience stunning food and wines.

Hunter Valley in Australia is the country’s oldest wine producing region and is ideal for those looking to soak up the sun whilst touring vineyards.

The city of Verona offers gorgeous classical architecture for a perfect backdrop when dining on delicious Italian cuisine.

Travellers should also head to San Sebastian in Spain to sample food from Michelin-star restaurants and some of the finest dry, white wines.

John Charnock, CEO of said:

“There are several cities all around the world which are underrated when it comes to fine dining and exquisite wine tastings.

“Food and wine connoisseurs should head to Yamanashi in Japan to tour some of the country’s best vineyards against the backdrop of Mount Fuji.

“The Portugese city of Porto is a perfect destination for those looking for a huge selection of delicious cuisines from top-rated restaurants, whilst the famous fish market in Seattle, USA means the local restaurants offer some of the world’s best seafood.”

Here are the top unsung destinations for food and wine holidays:

  1. Hunter Valley, Australia

Australia’s oldest wine region should be top of the list for food and drink connoisseurs. Taking a tour around the charming vineyards soaking in the sun is a magical experience for tourists. And tasting a selection of gourmet food from award-winning restaurants will top luxury experiences.

  1. Porto, Portugal

A perfect destination for foodies, Porto offers several cultural, architectural, food and wine tours. The Portugese city offers stunning landscapes and views alongside a huge selection of cuisine and exquisite drinks.  

  1. Verona, Italy

Head away from the crowds of Rome and Venice and head to the gorgeous Italian city of Verona. Known for being the home of Romeo and Juliet, Verona also offers excellent award-winning restaurants and luxury wine tastings.

  1. Yamanashi, Japan

Home to Mount Fuji, Yamanashi is one of the wine capitals in Japan and is perfect for those wanting to soak up some culture and local cuisine. The street food stalls offer a unique selection of things to taste and the region is covered in spectacular vineyards producing beautiful glasses of wine.

  1. Seattle, USA

Seattle has one of the most famous seafood markets in the world – Pike Place Fish Market. The tourist destination offers visitors the freshest fish in the city, meaning the award-winning restaurants specialise in delightful seafood dishes.

  1. Mendoza, Argentina

Mendoza is the top wine producing region in Argentina so connoisseurs visiting the city can combine magnificent drinks and gastronomic joy from a variety of restaurants offering local cuisines.

  1. San Sebastian, Spain

This city on the beach offers visitors the chance to eat divine foods at its numerous Michelin-star restaurants, including iconic tapas bars. Tourists can also sample some of the finest Txakoli wines from the region, a beautiful dry, white variety.

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