Avoiding jet lag on work trips

jet lag

Professionals who travel abroad for work trips are being advised on how to fight jet lag. 

The experts at have shared six of the best ways to beat jet lag while travelling for work. 

Travelling to different time zones can mess with our sleep and leave us feeling fatigued. 

For professionals travelling for work jet lag can be a real issue which is why experts advise trying to adjust to time zones as soon as you land.

Nic Shacklock at Online-Bedrooms said: “People who travel for work may find the time zones changing tough, not to mention the jet lag once you get off the plane.

“On a work trip it feels like there’s no time for jet lag which is why it’s really important to try to adjust to the new time zone straight away.

“One of the biggest mistakes people make is following their body clock – if they don’t feel tired they decide not to sleep. Truthfully this is only going to make things feel worse the following morning.

“Try to create a relaxing routine, take a warm shower, make a hot drink and get into bed at a reasonable hour. You’ll thank yourself the next day.”’s tips for travelling for work

Adjust to the timezone 

Adjusting time zones may be hard, and many of us will often go to bed far too early or late depending on how tired we feel. The best thing you can do for your body is try to follow the new time zone as best as you can.

Eat the right foods

Try not to overindulge in heavy foods that could leave you feeling sluggish. Try to eat light and balanced meals that will fuel your body and provide you with energy as opposed to leaving you feeling burnt out. 

Get outside

Ensure you get plenty of light exposure during the daytime, even if it’s for a walk at lunchtime or after work. Being outside will increase your body’s vitamin D levels and help regulate the body clock. It also helps  produce the melatonin hormone which makes the body tired – good when suffering from jet lag and trying to focus on good sleep.


You may feel like you need a caffeine boost to get you through the day but try to limit your intake. Dehydration can worsen feelings of jet lag so stay topped up on water. Too much can lead to a caffeine crash and drinking it past 3pm could leave you awake all night.

Get active

If your hotel has a gym or a swimming pool it might be worth taking a visit one evening. Exercising is a great way to induce tiredness for the evening, just make sure you’re not working out too late otherwise it can have the opposite effect. Similarly, if you find yourself waking up early, head to the gym in the morning. This is a great way to help give you a boost of energy for the start of your day.

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