With its crispy lettuce, crunchy croutons and creamy dressing, Caesar has been voted the best salad, according to Brits, when eating out.

The Caesar salad was actually invented in Mexico in 1924 – and is now the nation’s top way to enjoy leaves, according to the poll of 2,000 Brits.

Picnic and garden party staple, the potato salad came in second place (40 percent), while in third place – the classic Greek salad (36 percent) consisting of salty feta cheese, crunchy cucumber, tomatoes and olives, followed by French Niçoise (18 percent) and the American born Waldorf salad (17 percent).

Four in ten (41 percent) of us admit we LOVE a salad, while just eight percent cannot stand it, according to the study of 2,000 Brits, commissioned by the Unbeleafable salad range, in conjunction with National Salad Week (1st to 7th June)

In fact, almost one in three (27 percent) now regularly tuck into a big plate of greens as their main evening meal, with a further 36 percent believing that an underwhelming salad is one of life’s biggest disappointments.

And if you’re looking for a super salad, plump, juicy tomatoes (63 percent), cool refreshing cucumber (62 percent), crisp crunchy leaves (58 percent), protein (43 percent) such as cheese or chicken, a glug of good olive oil (41 percent), balsamic vinegar (37 percent) and a sprinkle of black pepper (34 percent) are all considered essential.

However, according to the nation’s salad lovers, it is unacceptable for anyone over the age of seventeen (average) to be fussy about eating healthily, with two thirds (63 percent) believing that those who are, are childish. More than a half (56 percent) say they judge those who don’t eat veggies and salad.

49 percent of salad lovers feel not eating your greens is a major turn off, with almost a THIRD (27 percent) going a step further and admitting they wouldn’t want a relationship with someone who leaves their salad in a restaurant, or worse – picks the greens out of a sandwich or burger.

Kate Hofman of Unbeleafable, (the first vertically farmed salad range to be available in Tesco) said: “We are a nation of salad-lovers, and it seems we judge people a little bit if they don’t eat their greens.

“We’re launching the UK’s first National Salad Week in June to shine a light on salads.”

Despite eating our way through two bags of salad a week (96 a year), the research also found that three quarters (75 percent) of Brits regularly throw out leftover salad.

A fifth (19 percent) confess they throw away salad ingredients all the time, resulting in an average of one and a half bags of salad ending up in the bin each week.


  1. Caesar salad  – 41%
  2. Potato salad – 40%
  3. Greek salad  – 36%
  4. Salad Nicoise  – 18%
  5. Waldorf salad –  17%
  6. Chinese smashed cucumber salad – 14%
  7. Caprese salad  – 12%
  8. Cobb salad – 10%
  9. Tabbouleh salad – 10%
  10. Thai papaya salad – 10%

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