10 foods you should eat for a healthy gut

foods that are good for your gut

‘Guttok’ currently has 121 million posts, and ‘best foods for gut health’ has a further 44.7 million posts1, suggesting many are starting to prioritise their health from the inside out.

The rising interest in gut health comes as experts share the link to other health factors, such as mental health and brain fog.2

To inspire people to make gut-healthy recipes, the experts at Wren Kitchens have collaborated with gut health experts and nutritionists. Together they’ve shared ten ingredients that will nurture your microbiome – and one cost as little as 52p.

Why is gut health so important?

Rachel Aceso, naturopathic nutritional therapist, advises, “Not only is a healthy gut crucial for digesting and assimilating foods and essential nutrients needed for the functioning of our bodies, but it also eliminates our waste, as well as playing a crucial role in our immune system and mental health. Good gut health is also essential for balanced hormones, good energy levels and our overall happiness.”

Helena Barham (mBANT), nutritionist, adds, “What we eat can have a huge impact on the microbiota, which in turn has a huge impact on our overall health. If we eat certain things that promote undesirable bacteria, this can make us more susceptible to obesity or inflammatory bowel diseases, for example.”

6 ingredients to add to everyday meals for a healthy gut

Dr Hana Patel, NHS GP, says that variety is key, adding, “Eat a wide range of plant-based foods. A healthy gut has a diverse community of microbes, each of which prefers different foods.”

With this in mind, Rachel shares her top ingredients to add to your everyday meals, and you will likely have most of them in your kitchen already.

• Carrots – Rich in fibre and antioxidants, supporting a healthy gut environment.

• Kefir – A fermented drink full of beneficial bacteria and yeast.

• Sauerkraut – Fermented cabbage that contains probiotics and fibre.

• Bone broth – There are so many organic options available to buy.

• Bananas – Provide prebiotic fibre, promoting healthy gut bacteria.

• Chia Seeds – High in fibre and promote good digestion.

Dr Hana concludes by adding, “Avoid highly processed foods. They often contain ingredients that either suppress ‘good’ bacteria or increase ‘bad’ bacteria.”

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