The top 20 most popular spring destinations for 2024 revealed

popular spring destinations has used data from Instagram to create a list of the top 20 most popular countries to visit in the springtime.

They created a total score for each country by adding together any hashtags related to spring or flowers, and then ranked them. 

Aleksandrs Buraks, Head of Growth at, comments: 

“We think this top 20 is a really interesting selection of countries, each with their own spring traditions. Something we like about the list is the fact that spring in each of these countries will be a different experience, down to what time of year it falls at. If you were to visit Australia or New Zealand in spring, you’d be travelling in September to November, meaning you might get to see two springtimes in the same year!

“Given that we love cars here at, naturally one of our favourite facts we learned was that in the Netherlands, there is a special word for taking a scenic journey through the flower fields often by car or bike – ‘Bloemenroute’.”

The top 5 most popular countries were as follows: 

  1. Netherlands, 64,177 combined posts

The country scored a total of 64,177 – the majority of posts tagged using the hashtag #DutchFlowers, which was used 61,461 times. 

The Dutch word ‘Bloemenroute’ or literally ‘Flower Route’ refers to a journey along the flower fields, most popularly tulips, which the country is famous for. 

  1. United Kingdom, 48,169 combined posts 

#UKInBloom was a popular hashtag, as it was used 191 times – but not as popular as #UKFlowers which was used 29,722 times.

The British countryside is full of lovely places to visit in spring, from the wild beauty of the Scottish Highlands to sunny Cornwall. 

  1. United Arab Emirates,  47,858 combined posts

47,602 posts on Instagram were tagged #UAEFlowers. 

The Dubai Miracle Garden, the world’s largest natural flower garden, is open until the end of April before the weather heats up, making early spring the perfect time to visit.

  1. Canada, 44,104 combined posts

The hashtag #SpringInCanada was used a huge 33,204 times. 

Some people say spring is the best time to visit the Canadian countryside, as the melting snow feeds the numerous sparkling waterfalls in the national parks. These beautiful areas are full of wildflowers. 

  1. Colombia, 43,646 combined posts 

The majority of the Instagram posts were tagged #ColombianFlowers at 43,576.

In the city of Medellin, the Jardin Botanico is a wonderful destination to visit in spring. It has over 1000 different species of plants and flowers, as well as a huge butterfly house. 

These top 5 countries are followed by Singapore, Turkey, New Zealand, Finland and Australia. also conducted this research last year, and noticed several changes in 2024’s version of the annual piece. Japan, placing this year in 15th place, placed 2nd in the ranking in 2023. New Zealand, on the other hand, attracted more attention this year, moving up from 10th place to 8th – just squeezing into the top 10. 

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