The Beach Destinations For Solo Travellers

Beach Destinations For Solo Travellers

A new report from Wizz Air has ranked the 20 best destinations for a solo beach date, looking at a number of factors including the country’s safety index and rainfall. 

Wizz Air have created the ultimate list of destinations around Europe where you can enjoy a relaxing trip to the beach by yourself. The low priced airline took a range of factors into account when creating the list, including how many miles of coastline the country has, how much rainfall it gets, and the safety and crime index. They also looked at the percentage of the population who are single, and the number of Instagram posts that are tagged referring to solo travel in that country. 

Tamara Vallois, Head of Communications, at Wizz Air comments:

“The combination of factors we were looking at means that we have created a really comprehensive list of gorgeous destinations where you can enjoy a carefree and relaxing solo date by the beach. The list combines the expected sunny showstoppers such as Italy, Spain and Greece (all in the top 10) with some countries whose beaches are not so well known. Albania, Poland, Lithuania and the Netherlands all feature in our top 20, and have some real hidden gems along the coast for travellers to discover. 

“Beaches have so much to offer. In our research we discovered stretches of coastline that are on the edge of national parks like Nida Beach in Lithuania, on the Curonian Spit. Albania’s Dhërmi Beach has dreamy white sand, but also some incredible, dramatic rock formations. Whether you want to find a little bit of peace or an adventure, we’re sure there will be something in our list to tempt you.”

Here are the top 10 destinations according to Wizz Air’s new list. 

  1. Finland: A country that has been named the happiest country in the world for six years running by the World Happiness Report. With 314000 km of coastline, there are endless beaches to explore. In the country’s southwest, Yyteri is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches. 
  2. Norway: Norway has 100,915 km of coastline when you include its islands. You can swim in the sea in the summer here, as it’s often as warm as 21 degrees. An ideal country for nature lovers, you can see puffins, whales, seals along the Norwegian coast. 
  3. UK: Along 31,368 km of coast, there are plenty of destinations to choose from – from Cornwall, to the Shetland Isles, to the Welsh towns of Anglesey and Aberystwyth, the beach awaits. The United Kingdom also scored very highly for solo travel related hashtags, with 163 posts on Instagram 
  4. Greece: The coastline of Greece is 13,676 km long, with plenty of gorgeous beaches both on the mainland and the islands. The country was tagged 103 times on Instagram with hashtags related to solo travel, and averages a low 65.2cm of rainfall a year. 
  5. Italy: Italy was tagged by solo travellers on Instagram more than any other country on the list, a huge 1031 times. The Italian coastline is 7900 km long, with some of the most beloved beaches to be found in regions like Puglia, Sardinia and Tuscany.
  6. Spain: This country has 8000 km of coastline, and perhaps the best known beach destination here is Barcelona, which combines pretty beaches with city culture. Spain has only 63.6 cm of precipitation per year, making it a great place for sunbathers. 
  7. Denmark: Denmark’s coastline is 7300 km long, with some of the most popular beaches to be found on the west of the Jutland peninsula. This country has a low crime rate and a high percentage of single people. 
  8. France: Perhaps best known by sunseekers for the French Riviera, the 5500 km coastline offers plenty of lesser known but just as lovely spots. Almost half the population are single, at 41.7%, which goes to show that this country is a very singles-friendly destination, ideal for solo travellers. 
  9. Iceland: Along the country’s 4970 kilometre coastline, the country’s beaches promise stunning views and fresh sea air. Iceland was one of the most popular destinations on Instagram with a huge 228 posts tagged with solo travel related hashtags. 
  10. Estonia: With 3794 km of coastline in Estonia, there are lots of lovely beaches for sunbathing and swimming. Tallinn, the country’s capital city is fairly small and easily navigable, and only a short journey away in the suburbs, you can find Pirita Beach. This is another country with a high percentage of singletons. 

Just outside of the top 10, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Portugal, and Croatia ranked. Then, to round off the top 20, Poland, Latvia, the Netherlands, Albania and Lithuania also beat the competition.

Whether you prefer a hike along the coast followed by a drink in a local pub or a day sunbathing followed by seafood dinner at a beachside restaurant, the destinations in Wizz Air’s list are sure to contain something for everyone. 

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