Here are the best sunset spots to visit across Europe

best sunset in europe

Travellers seeking a European road trip are being told of the best places to witness stunning sunsets, from Santorini to Tuscany.

The motoring experts at have revealed nine hotspots across the continent for sunset-lovers looking to travel this summer.

Social media is filled with pictures of amber skies, as sightseers travel far and wide to get a glimpse of the best sunsets.

Primrose Hill in London, Parc del Guinardó in Barcelona and Zadar in Croatia have been named among the list of desirable sunset spots across Europe to visit.

Tim Alcock, expert at, said: “Sunsets are a spectacle and something so many of us love to see.

“Many sunset lovers have taken to social media to share pictures of their most picturesque finds.

“There are stunning locations across Europe where sunset-spotting is even more enjoyable. We suggest those looking to explore the best sights to embark on a summer road trip and visit the hotspots.

“After sourcing on social media, we want to share nine locations which have been praised as the best spots to enjoy a captivating sunset.”

best sunset in europe

Here are’s sunset hotspots across Europe:

  1. Castle of Oia, Santorini

Santorini is one of the most sought-after locations to visit, with the Greek island welcoming over two million visitors every year. The bucket list location is one of the best places to watch a sunset as the amber sky stretches across the Southern Aegean Sea.

  1. Porto, Jardin Do Morro, Portugal

Portugal has been referred to as an underrated hotspot to watch sunsets with Porto in Jardin Do Morro being one of the best. The hilltop green space is the perfect chance to escape from the busyness of the bustling Jardin Do Morro.

  1. Parc del Guinardó, Barcelona

One of the most famous parks in Barcelona, Parc del Guinardó, has a stunning woodland at the top where you can get a great view of Barcelona. Visit in the late afternoon/early evening to watch the sun rest on top of the beautiful city.

  1. Val d’Orcia, Tuscany, Italy

Val d’Orcia is famous in southern Tuscany for its vineyards and beautiful countryside which looks even more glorious once the sun sets over the hills.

  1. Riegrovy sady, Prague

If you get a good spot at the top of the hill, you’ll be able to watch the sky turn into a calming, orange shade whilst getting a clear view of the city ahead.

  1. Zadar, Croatia

Zadar is often viewed as a hidden gem of Croatia as tourists tend to first visit Split or Dubrovnik. The old town is filled with fascinating ancient tales dating back to Roman times, with the Zadar boardwalk being the top site to visit once the sun sets as the orange sky reflects off the Adriatic Sea.

  1. Primrose Hill, London

The grand view of London is always breathtaking to look at but it’s amplified when the sky is covered with warm sunset colours. If you get a good spot you’ll also get a great view covering Regent’s Park.

  1. Kerry Cliffs, County Kerry, Ireland

Kerry Cliffs has been named one of Ireland’s best sunset spots where you can watch the sun tuck in behind the mountains and the warm colours reflect off the sea. Make sure to be prepared for a steep hike and be extra cautious of where you take your step.

  1. Vercors Massif, France

The Vercors mountain range is one of the most thrilling adventures to undertake not just in Southern France but the whole of Europe. Once you get high enough you can watch the pinks and oranges from a sunset take over the sky whilst looking down at the clouds below.

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