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Following reports last year from Henley & Partners about a 100% increase in those falling into a new bracket of “super-wealthy”, those with $100M in investable assets known as the centi-millionnaire, the world’s most exclusive concierge club Knightsbridge Circle outlines the emerging trends it sees in its members’ spending behaviour in 2024.

The pinnacle of luxury assistance, Knightsbridge Circle prides itself on its 5:1 ratio of members to each Personal Manager, the highest of any concierge company globally, and caters to an elite clientele with an average net worth of $800 million. Renowned for its unparalleled discretion, personalised service, and access to the most coveted brands, experiences and destinations, Knightsbridge Circle has set the standard for luxury lifestyle management. Its carefully selected members number less than sixty, with almost all falling within the centi-millionnaire category of wealth.

Below are the top five spending habits of Knightsbridge Circle’s members as they look towards the year ahead:

1. TRAVEL – Always the category members spend the most on annually (upwards of £500K). Private jets are chartered for short-haul travel, with this extending to long-haul for some, whilst others prefer the luxury of some airlines’ industry-leading first class suites (with Emirates and Singapore Airlines currently taking the top spots). As of January-2024, the most popular destinations for the year are currently:
○ Costa Rica
○ Japan
○ South Korea
○ Maldives
○ St. Barts
○ London
○ Paris (2024 Summer Olympics)
○ Monaco

2. PERSONAL SHOPPING – Handbags for women and watches for men are the two primary items Knightsbridge Circle’s centi-millionaire members seek out every year, with Personal Managers travelling internationally to personally source, pick-up and hand-deliver near-inaccessible styles and models. Whilst a Hermès Birkin bag has always been amongst the top five most requested handbag styles, ever since Jane Birkin’s death last year, the Birkin has very firmly taken the number one spot. With Hermès now rejecting waiting lists, it’s now about unique access to the right sales associate, something Knightsbridge Circle can facilitate. On the men’s side, Patek Philippe and Audemars Piguet are leading the way in watches for 2024.

3. GOLF – Golf continues to be the most popular pursuit and hobby that members invest their money in with Knightsbridge Circle. The Old Course at St. Andrews, alongside playing Shinneock Hills (#4 in the world), National Golf Links of America (#5 in the world), Friar’s Head (#27 in the world), Maidstone (#61 in the world) plus the ultra-exclusive Sebonack Golf Club, all in one trip continue to be the top requests facilitated. However, one Personal Manager has recently just organised for a member to play Augusta National, a course only former champions and current members can play (membership is by invitation only; there is no way to apply).

4. YACHTING – Whilst the Caribbean in the winter and Europe in the summer are very normal charter requests by many members, in 2024 more than before, families are requesting the same charters to facilitate both requirements due to relationships built with the crew and the familiarity of the vessel, which isn’t as easy to secure as one might imagine. Moreover, many members are becoming more experiential with their yacht charters with a few itineraries for this year including the Arctic Circle and Northern Europe’s extraordinary fjords.

5. JEWELLERY – Several Personal Managers have reported that after travel, jewellery is the second biggest investment by members this year with many currently sourcing a variety of coloured gems in particular (blues / yellows / greens). For pre-made pieces, Cartier is the most requested brand. In recent weeks, one Personal Manager stopped off in Bangkok specifically to collect a Cartier necklace for a client; only two existed in the world, one in Geneva and one in Bangkok.

Trust, exclusivity, influence and insight are the pillars upon which Knightsbridge Circle was built, with members able to tap into a wealth of knowledge to make informed decisions and stay ahead in their personal and professional pursuits. Knightsbridge Circle stands as the epitome of opulence, offering its discerning members an unparalleled gateway to the world of exclusive experiences and unmatched luxury.

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