LUMA SKIN is delighted to unveil their new skincare brand, taking the concept of clean, natural beauty to a new – and exotic level! Creating a range of anti-ageing products from sustainably sourced and gentle yet powerful Amazonian ingredients that are rich in minerals, antioxidants and nutrients, now customers can enjoy healthy, radiant skin and unleash their Amazonian glow!

With its decadent and sustainable range of nourishing face oils, masks, creams and sun protection, it’s evident that Luma Skin is a truly conscious brand that has gone the extra mile. They source the perfect blend of Amazonian ingredients for each product, allowing people of all skin types to elevate their skincare regime.

The range comprises of the Seamoss Face Cream; enriched with the power of Seamoss and 7 of the most nourishing Virgin Amazonian Oils that boast powerful anti-ageing properties. One of which including Jambu, which is even nicknamed ‘Natural Botox’ in Brazil!

For restoring a healthy, radiant glow, the Luma Skin Glow Me Oil is a skincare masterpiece, working to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The specific ingredients promote enhanced cell metabolism with their powerful, soothing properties, and help reduce inflammatory skin processes.

The Protect Me Oil is the perfect solution for optimal everyday sun protection, containing a superhero ingredient, Annatto oil. Packed with unsaturated fatty acids, the Annatto oil is rich in natural carotenoids, protecting the skin against UV rays and helping restore the skin from previous skin damage.

The cherry on top; the Protect Me Oil also works to leave the skin with a healthy and radiant bronzed glow!

Created by Bea Barter Luma Skin was born as a way of finding a solution to her own skincare troubles. Bea suffered from sensitive skin and regular breakouts, reacting negatively to many products on the current beauty market. Bea began researching the power of natural beauty products that were easily accessible and free from chemicals. She had always been fascinated by the indigenous people of the Amazon and how they used the natural ingredients found in the Amazon for treating skin.

Bea comments:
I absolutely love Brazil. The country has such a profound culture. From a young age, I was immersed in the stories of the indigenous people who called the Amazon Rainforest their home. I learned how these people used the natural ingredients found in the Amazon for health care and for treating skin”

Whilst there are many natural skincare products on the market, Luma Skin has certainly excelled! Bringing the heart of the Amazon Rainforest and its biodiversity to their products, now people with all skin types can enjoy anti-ageing skincare results that they truly feel good about.

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